I’m Jess, and I love Jpop. Unfortunately, nobody else in my life shares my passion. It’s so frustrating to want to talk about what you love, but to have nobody to talk to about it…

That’s why I created this blog. So I can express all my opinions, ridiculous or not, on what I like. You might agree with me, or not. If you like what you see, keep reading!

I live in New England in America.  I  started listening to Jpop through  anime 15 years ago. I’m still a fan, even now, of the shows I loved then, but over the years less and less anime has appealed to me. What has stuck with me, though, is the music.

Obviously, having been a huge anime fan, the first things I listened to were anime opening and ending songs, followed shortly by other anime-related music. Through that, I discovered artists that continue to be amongst my favorites today – Hayashibara Megumi, for example, has the honor of having the most songs by a single artist on my iPod. I still love just about every single she puts out (however rarely that is now).

Eventually I started listening to artists with no anime connection at all, simply because I loved the music. I have even branched out a bit and have a few Kpop and Cpop artists I follow. But Jpop is my one true love.

I think you’ll find that I tend to gravitate towards certain styles or themes in terms of artists and songs I like. I love happy music, silly music, and music I think is “cool”… I have an overwhelming preference for female artists, I don’t care for male vocals on the whole. High pitched, cute, or interesting voices appeal to me.

So, who do I like? Some of my favorite Jpop artists include:

Momoiro Clover
BeForU / solo Kosaka Riyu
Hello! Project (Morning Musume, S/mileage, Buono!, etc)
Gotou Maki
Hayashibara Megumi
Okui Masami
Onitsuka Chihiro
Shinohara Tomoe
Ootsuka Ai

I do like some Kpop, such as:
After School

And one of my very favorite artists of all time is Cpop: Rainie Yang.  Love her soooo much!

So that’s me.  :)


2 thoughts on “About

  1. yes! thank you! a j-pop fan that doesn’t like AKB!!!!! (they annoy me a lot if you haven’t noticed :P)

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