Concert Preview & More Info About Juice=Juice’s Major Debut Single, Romance no Tochuu!

Juice=Juice is getting ready for their major debut, and as we draw closer to 9/11/13, the release date for their first major single, Romance no Tochuu, more and more information about it is coming out.  The most crucial of this information for me is the inevitable concert preview leaks!  Check it out, here (while you can, of course – I’m sure it will be removed quickly, as is common).

I’ll talk about the other information before going full force into the song itself – the other tracks on the single have been announced as being new versions of Juice=Juice’s two indies singles – Watashi ga Iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya ne (MEMORIAL EDIT) and Samidare Bijo ga Samidareru (MEMORIAL EDIT).  I see this as very good, but still bittersweet.

The main reason I can see for doing this would be to make Aina-less versions of the songs that she had such big parts in.  This is good because it allows Juice=Juice to have a fresh start as the 5-member group they will continue in.  It allows a cohesiveness to their discography, where one can always have the same line-up…  But at the same time, AINA.  We already have versions with her, and it’s pointless to keep wishing things had worked out with her, but it’s somehow sad to have her basically erased from the past singles by releasing versions without her.

I’m being silly and emotional by saying that, of course.  We have versions with her, those won’t go away with the existance of these, so there’s nothing to lose by gaining new versions.  Part of me thinks it is a bit cheap to rerelease indies material so quickly though.  Wouldn’t this be better material for their first album instead?  Ehh, whatever I guess.  I am curious to see if these “Memorial Edit”s have been remixed or changed in other ways besides (presumably) removing Aina from them.  Both songs were quite good, especially Watashi ga Iu Mae ni, so I’d be interested to hear a new take on them.


The line-up is still awesome, even with my favorite gone.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about Romance no Tochuu!

It’s a bit hard to get into it straight away, because it’s a concert preview.  Obviously it’s a little rougher than it would be in a studio version, a bit noisier and harder to concentrate on.  The first listen didn’t strike me much at first, mainly for those reasons, but after listening to it twice, I was able to get a good feel for the song.

It’s not really like the other two songs, but it’s decently cool – I actually really really like the “Everybody xxx!” shouty parts in there (around 1:14 for example).  It’s a concert preview so I can tell they will probably pack a better punch in the recorded version, but even as they are, they’re the thing that sticks out about the song for me.  I’m also loving the “Romance no Tochuu!” at the end of the chorus.  The verses don’t stick with me right away, and the rest of the chorus could be better, but I think they’ll grow on me.  The instrumental is a bit hard to hear, which is a shame.  I also can’t tell the girls’ voices apart without a visual yet, so I have no idea on the line distribution.  Could be good to have a bit of mystery left to the song this far ahead of the release date, I suppose.

Overall, I can’t make a complete call on it until I hear a better recording, but thus far I’d say this is a stronger song than Samidare was, but a weaker song than Watashi ga Iu Ma was.  It’s got some spunk to it, but I’m a little blah on some parts thus far.  Once we have a better quality version I’m sure I’ll like it even more.


I really wish you could see more of Yuka’s outfit here, it’s super nice!

Did you see their outfits, by the way?  Houndstooth.  Awesome.  Everyone looks good, but Karin and Yuka look particularly stunning in theirs!  The outfits are slightly sexy, but not over the top, and have a maturity to them, which goes well with their musical style, too.  Hello! Project is sooooo hit or miss with outfits, so it’s relieving to see these are flattering, and not humiliating.

The previews have given me something to look forward to, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for the PV when it is released.  Juice=Juice has such potential, so I can’t wait to see a more finished product!


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