Jpop / Momoiro Clover

As Promised, Shiori of Momoiro Clover Cuts Her Hair!

Remember a few weeks ago, when Momoclo’s  album Battle and Romance was released, and Shiori said she would cut her hair off if they didn’t get number one?  If you don’t remember, here is a refresher. このアルバムが1位にならなかったら私、髪を切ります – “If this album does not reach number 1, I will cut my hair,” said Shiori. Of course … Continue reading

Hello! Project / Jpop / S/mileage

S/mileage New Members Announced!

Today the newest members of S/mileage were announced – congratulations to Hello! Project Eggs 竹内 朱莉 (Takeuchi Akari), and  勝田 里奈 (Katsuta Rina), as well as 3 girls new to Hello! Project, 中西 香菜 (Nakanishi Kana), 小数賀 芙由香 (Kosuga Fuyuka), and 田村 芽実 (Tamura Meimi). Holy crap, S/mileage’s member count has more than doubled! Continue reading