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A Look at Eiyasa! Brother by SatoUmi group Mellowquad!

On UF LICKS, the PVs for Mellowquad’s Eiyasa!  Brother and Hi-Fin’s Kaigan Seisou Danshi were shown (check it out here, Mellowquad starts at 6:29).  This is the first I’ve seen of the song or video for either, and after being pleasantly surprised at the quality of DiaLady’s Lady Mermaid, I was looking forward to getting some idea of what the other groups would sound like.  In this post I’m going to just focus on Mellowquad’s, with Hi-Fin to follow tomorrow.


Miyabi’s all like, “Come at me, bro!”

I figured this would be a matsuri-themed song, but I wasn’t sure what to expect.  There have been some that I have really liked in the past (Anyone remember 10nin Matsuri’s Dancing Natsu Matsuri?  I still rock out to that song!).  The line-up is a little hit or miss with me, at least as far as H!P goes.  Let’s face it, there are really only like 5 members or fewer of current H!P that I outright don’t like, so as long as they don’t make a Rina-Ayaka-Maasa-Aika group I’m probably going to like it at least a little.  Although for the record I would actually check that group out just because it would be so friggin random.  End tangent.


Chinami’s silliness is the highlight of the PV, most definitely.

So, for the members, we have Miyabi and Chinami from Berryz Koubou and Maimi and Chisato from C-ute. Kind of a nice mixed bag of Berikyuu there. As anyone who reads my blog probably knows, I’m a huge fan of Miyabi, so she’s certainly the best of the group for me, but I also enjoy Chinami and the hilarity she brings to nearly every video she’s in. It’s the C-ute half that I’m not that big on; I don’t hate Maimi, but I find very little appealing about her at all, and for Chisato, I enjoy her voice a lot, but not really too much else. Vocally we have 2 wonderful voices in Miya and Chisato, Chinami can be weak but I don’t mind her, and Maimi is usually meh.


But look at Maimi’s face. Tee hee.

The song itself is a strange one… The sound is kind of a mellowed-out matsuri tune, with all the prerequisite wasshois that entails. It’s pretty damn catchy in a weird way. I take issue with the vocal execution in some places, although I find myself drawn to it at the same time, oddly enough. Basically this song employs a lot of strangely high pitched sections that require the girls to sing long sections entirely in falsetto. It’s hit or miss – kinda reminds me of S/mileage’s CHOTO MATE KUDASAI in that aspect, where none of them actually sound good when they get into that higher register. But at the same time, it’s almost trance-like and I kinda like it, even though it doesn’t sound quite right. Does that make any sense at all? No? Well good, neither do these lyrics.


What is a mackere?
On an unreleated note, mid-air Chinami looks like she is floating.

That’s a lie.  The lyrics make sense, they’re just creepy and weird at times.  They’re about how much the protagonist loves her sailor brother.  That’s nice, but it gets into creepy territory with how over emphasized it is – some sample lyrics for you, courtesy of Awkward English Subs, together with Awkward Dance Moves Considering the Subject Matter:
…  And then after that line, they shake their asses at the camera.

I guess that’s not entirely fair.  Really, the lyrics talk of how her brother went out to sea to be a fisherman and continue the family business and support them, and how proud she is of him and how she thinks he’s the best ever for doing that.  I think what makes it seem so awkward is the combo of the video and dance with the lyrical content.  I mean, in any other song, it would be more like:  girl stares longingly at camera,  “Oh how I love you, sempai!”, followed by ass-shaking.  But in this one, it’s: girl stares longingly at camera, “I-I’m loving you, my dear brother!”, followed by ass-shaking.


See, now Miyabi’s like, “Come at me, bro!… No, not like that… *wink*”
(I’m going to hell.)

Oh, and the mascots in the video are also creepy as hell, especially that damn fish.  The girls seem to love him, for whatever reason (he probably coerced them with candy or something).


How was this fish a good idea?

Anyway, on the whole, I like the song with reservations…  I think I’d like it better without the video so I can concentrate less on the creepy angle and just enjoy the sound.  Despite my misgivings and lols at it, I still enjoyed it.



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