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PV for Berryz Koubou’s Cha Cha Sing released!

I’m not usually a Berryz fan.  I’ve got a selection of 10 or 15 songs of theirs I have liked over the course of their lengthy career – I usually end up liking 1 or 2 songs a year that they come out with.   I’m happy to say Cha Cha Sing is going to be one of them!  The PV has been released, available on Youtube here.

Apparently this is a cover of a Thai song – that’s pretty odd, but considering they have covered some other weird foreign material in the past, like Dschinghis Khan, I guess it fits.  Actually, that had been one of my favorite of Berryz’ songs as well, so maybe this group just does really well with other people’s stuff.

The song itself is infectious and catchy, very easy to get into, and a lot of fun.  The most pleasant surprise about it is the vocals, though.  One of the biggest issues I have with Berryz is that I don’t care for most of the girls’ voices, Miyabi and Momoko are the only ones I really like in the group generally speaking.  Thus, I was incredibly surprised when I listened to this song and loved almost every girl’s voice, including ones I’ve blatantly hated on for years, like Risako.

It feels so… wrong… saying I like Risako’s vocals.  Weird.  But I definitely believe in giving credit where it’s due, and she deserves it.  She sounded powerful, confident, and on-key.  Her voice is very unique and I usually don’t care for it because she normally belts it out without good control, but maybe she has mastered it, because in this song, it does all kinds of cool vibrato things and actually sounds great.

The rest of the girls are good too, Miyabi and Momoko in particular (but again, I’ve always found theirs to be the best voices in the group).  Some others that usually bug me, didn’t really bother me much this time, like Saki and Maasa.

The video is fun, with the Thai-ish costumes looking awesome on most of the girls and the dance being fun as well.  I really wanna smack the pigtails off Momoko, though, they don’t fit the style at all and she looks worls better with her hair in other styles.  You’re not 12 anymore, Momochi, so let it go, and be free…

Overall, this is a great Berryz release for me, and the first I’ve liked (Berikyuu’s Chou Happy Song aside) since Heroine ni Narou Ka.  I’m pleased this group that I usually don’t pay much mind has been able to put something out that I like – Hope it continues to happen more often!


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