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Momoiro Clover Z releases the PV to Otome Sensou!

Momoiro Clover Z has finally released the PV to their next single, Z女戦争 – Otome Sensou (Maiden War), available at their youtube channel here. Hooray! Review time!

They’ve been terrible teases this past month, letting us hear the C-side, and then the B-side, but nothing, not even a short preview of the A-side. What to expect? The C-side Mite Mite Kocchicchi, and B-side PUSH, were decent, but not mind-blowing, especially after the last single was so dramatic. But what about Otome Senso, the A-side?

Well, here it is. Battle start!

I started the video, and for 7, almost 8 minutes, I sat there, entranced, completely mesmerized by these girls, the song, the PV. Otome Sensou is not like Moretsu, and yet in ways it is. It has a similar epic feel to it, but the sound of it is completely different – more pop, less metal. It’s incredibly long at over 7 minutes, but i loved every second and wanted to play it again as soon as it was done.

One of the most apparent things in this song is the varied pace. There are tempo changes all over the place, and indeed, entirely different moods are set from one portion of the song to another. It’s one of Momoclo’s defining styles, and yet they manage to surprise me with the direction their songs go still.

The… refrain, I guess?… Is very catchy. Especially the parts like, rin-rin-rin-rin, I absolutely cannot get it out of my head. The song floats between that and verses of varying speed. In some, the girls spit out words so fast I can hardly keep up with them, in others they are calm, soft, and even angelic. It’s like a rollercoaster of a song.

One thing about it, though – I did enjoy it on first listen, but I didn’t *love* it until 2 or 3 listens. There’s a lot going on here, so give yourself time to let it sink in before making a snap judgement. I found it grew on me the more I listened to it, and by now I’m obsessed.

There was a lot to love in the pv itself. First off, the girls looked stunning. The styling really worked for them on this, even in some of the weirder outfit progressions. They wore at least 4 outfits here, from standard school uniforms, to crazy sentai armored battle gear. The outfit they wore for most of the scenes was like a toned-down version of the battle gear, with the head pieces and boots, but no glasses and less armor. That was my favorite costume, my least favorite would be the animal hats, but that was less featured anyway.

Anyway, more that I loved about the girls were their vocals. One drawback in the last single was that, due to the frantic-ness of the song, the vocals were a bit strained. That’s not the case in this one, in fact, many of them (Reni and Kanako especially) sound like they have improved. Kanako is the vocal standout here easily, though. Some people don’t care for her voice, as it can be childish at times, but I implore you to listen to her gorgeous solo at 4:43. It’s probably the best vocal work I’ve heard in a Momoiro Clover song. Everyone was good, but she entralls me.

I think I have to make it official after this PV… Sorry, Momoka, I love you very very dearly, but Kanako has overthrown you as my favorite current idol. I’ve been completely won over.

And now for some picspam!

We start with the girls in full gear on the battle ground!

Most of the scenes used these slightly toned down outfits. They were my favorites, although the boots are rather clunky.

We get alternating scenes between the school, the dance, and the battlefield. The school ones were actually quite fun.

Momoka looked really cute. I couldn’t pass up this winking shot.

Kanako’s dimples were out in full force! *_*

Ayaka really hams it up in her scene here, it’s great. Her pouty face is super cute.

But oh my God did Kanako look stunning here.

Shiori was cute as always! I love the winged ear covers, by the way.

It looks like she got her hair cut even shorter! She looks great, though.

Yes, they are standing on top of the desks, if you were wondering.

This scene confused me, but I love the different expressions everyone has, Momoka especially.

Speaking of Momoka, wow! She is beautiful! I really feel like they made everyone look really pretty in this PV.

Avert your eyes! No, I’m not sure why.

Shiorin looked so intense in her part here.

Girl + gun + pose = awesome.

I really liked all the battle scenes with the girls shooting.

A-rin and Momoka had cat-like ears instead of the wing-covered ones. I liked both.

Reni ended up being my least favorite in the PV, but her vocals sounded good.


Back to the battlefield!

These outfits I could have done without. The hats are cute, but a bit distracting.

It is funny to see Reni looking so serious in a hat like that, though.

This part of the song was probably the biggest surprise. It’s calm, sweet, and carefully and beautifully sung by Kanako. Eventually the others join in until they sing in unison, but it’s not the typical unison sound they usually have, it’s pretty and coordinated very nicely.
And no, I don’t know what’s with the glasses in this scene.

Kanako, don’t look at me like that, you know I’m married……

And we’re back in the war, explosions, lasers, and fire abound!

I can forgive the hats, if only because Kanako seemed to be having fun with hers. It’s her constant exhuberance that draws me to her so much, I think. Also the voice. Also everything.

And we end the incredibly long PV with a classic pose!

So overall, Momoclo did not disappoint. I would still say that Mouretsu was better, and the best thing they have done, but this is still right on par with their other best material, and a very worthy addition to their discography. Momoclo keeps proving their worth more and more for me, and I’m proud to be their fan. Especially Kanako. <;;3



2 thoughts on “Momoiro Clover Z releases the PV to Otome Sensou!

  1. momoclo is standing on top of the desk. this scene is at once an homage to and parody of the movie “Dead Poets Society”(’89), probably :D

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