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Kikka is coming to America!

That’s right, Kikkawa Yuu (or You, as they have had her spell it) is coming to the US this year! Atlanta, Georgia, at Anime Weekend Atlanta from September 28-10, to be exact.

This was incredibly joyful news for me for about 15 minutes, and then off and on for a few days, and that has faded into disappointment and despair on my part…

I can’t go.

I thought it would be feasible – east coast, and I have vacation time from work that I could use… But then I took a harder look at expenses. The flights from where I live to there run about $350 round trip. If I drove instead of flying I’d be looking at an 18-hour trip, each way, which would cost a fortune in gas and I’d definitely need at least 2 days to get down there (plus a hotel room for at least a night). Once there I’d need a hotel for the weekend, which is around $100 per night. I might need to eat something, and I’d definitely need to buy lots and lots of Yuu-tastic merchandise. Once I put together all the expenditures of the trip I was looking at around $1000, and well… I really don’t have that to spare.

I’m devastated. Yuu is one of the artists I follow, and someone who I’ve been following since she first auditioned for Morning Musume so many years ago and didn’t get in. I adore almost all of her solo material, and she’s just amazing, so cute, great voice…. It would be the highlight of my year to be able to see her in person and maybe even meet her and get an autograph, say some encouraging words and fangasm all over the place. But alas, it’s not to be.

I keep going back over the details, trying to think of some way, any way that I could soften the financial impact and make this happen, but it’s useless. I’d be better off just forgetting about it.

Every time I even think about how close she’ll be, with me unable to make it, I start tearing up, so I think I better get off this subject. If anyone needs me I’ll be drowning in my own sorrow.



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