A Review of Momoiro Clover Z’s latest PV, PUSH!

Momoiro Clover Z has been alive and well in the idol world lately, with bits and pieces of their next single, Otome Sensou, coming out one by one.  First we got to hear what would become the C-side, Mite-mite Kocchicchi, and now we get to hear, and see, the B-side, PUSH on their official Youtube channel.  PUSH is a commercial tie-in for an ice cream, Lotte Sou, and a teeny tiny bit of the song has played in the commercials, giving a small sample.  The full song has much more to offer, and the PV to go with it is pretty amusing as well.

Amusing is a good word for Momoclo, as their antics and style do well to keep me entertained and smiling.  I do maintain my opinion after hearing Mite-mite Kocchicchi, though, that after their last single was so ungodly fantastic, other material wouldn’t compare.  PUSH is a fun song, and it does have the signature Momoclo sound (more than the C-side at least), but I do feel like it’s a bit “generic Momoclo”, if that makes any sense?  It’s fun and silly and I do like it, of course, but it’s not a masterpiece like Mouretsu and Lost Child were, certainly.

I don’t really want to sound overly negative about this single, because even if it’s not amazing, it’s still good, and I still prefer it over most of the idol stuff being released by groups I don’t care about.  It’s just tough when they set the bar so high.  On the plus side,  the PV features a lot of goofiness and WTF moments that made me smile – so let’s take a look!

We start with the girls dancing in front of Japan’s flag. I love the cheerleader concept of the outfits, with the exception of the long sleeves, which makes them look bulky.

Kanako basically looked amazing in every frame. Is it me, or has she gotten prettier lately? I never noticed her back when Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo came out, and now I can’t take my eyes off her whenever she’s on.

Shiorin, looking fierce.  Well, except for that peach button nose.  I didn’t care for those even though they tie in to the lyrics.   Kinda reminded me of S/mileage in Koi ni Booing.

The best part of the PV was that there were tons of really fun and goofy scenes like this one. Basically, the girls are gladiators training, but everything they do is just silly.

Unfortunately I feel like Momoka got the short end of the stick in the styling department, I think she has looked better in every other PV they’ve done. She’s still a cutie though.

This was another cute scene, where the air coming from their karate move is supposed to make the flame on the candle go out. Poor Reni…

… So she takes care of it in a more conventional way. :D

A-rin wore the button nose best, I think.

One different thing was that Reni was in the center for a good portion of the dance. Nice to see her moved out of the corner once in a while.

And this is what happens when they push the peach buttons on their nose. Sparkles and fire-eyes.

Oh, and we have these scenes. The girls are dressed up as fat men gladiators and do ridiculous stunts. WTF?

All the training scenes were great though.

Like this one.  I love the expression.

This cute shot illustrates another minor complaint I had with the PV – the lighting and pallet was very red, which gave everything a tinge and also made the member colors red, purple, and pink look close to the same. It also washed out the other colors.

The fire throughout the PV made much of it look orange-y. It’s OK, Reni, you still look bad-ass here.

When she pushes her nose, you know she means business.

Kanako, looking slightly crazy.


This might have been my favorite scene…

Especially this part, when Reni gets up and leaves Kanako dangling with her feet kicking.

Kanako, how I love thee. But alas, Ayaka photo bombed it.

One thing Momoclo is great at is a good posing formation.

And yet, this is the pose they end the PV with… But, that’s the goofy Momoclo I love, so it’s fine.

So there you have it – a decent, but not amazing song.  A fun-filled, weird PV.  And 5 girls who definitely haven’t lost their spark, whether they’re in full-out idol mode or dressed like fat hairy men.  I’m not sure what to expect for the A-side, but I can’t wait to find out.

— Jess

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