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Concert preview for One・Two・Three (AKA Morning Musume has become amazing)

Holy holy shit.

There’s a concert preview out now for the first of the two A-sides off Morning Musume’s next single, One・Two・Three / The Matenrou Show.  And suddenly, between this single and the previous single, I have suddenly found Momusu is incredibly cool again.  It’s not the direction I thought the group would go in, with so many young members, and after Pyokopyoko Ultra, but I am 100% A-ok with it if this is the new Morning Musume.

Go watch it.  It’s awesome.

Let’s get the only bad thing out of the way right away, which is line distribution.  It’s not surprising, but this song is an all-out Reina-Riho festival.  But oddly, I’m kinda good with that, because their voices loan this song the quality it ends up having, and they sound fantastic.  Reina used to be my favorite member so many years ago, and fell down the ranks pretty hard, but I actually love her in this.  Yes, I would like to hear some of the other girls with great voices get more lines (Mizuki, Ayumi and Haruka please!) but we still have a whole other A-side to look forward to, so hope isn’t lost on that front.

Now where was I?  Oh yeah – holy shit, Morning Musume is cool again.  The song is awesome, very electronic-autotuned, but in a good way.  It’s very catchy, especially the refrain, and the girls that shine, shine very brightly.  Riho absolutely owns in this song, in my opinion.

The look of each girl only adds to it – every member looked great, but there were some standouts that are nothing short of breathtaking.  Haruna?  Yeah, she looks unbelievable.  I love her hair like that (somehow it compliments her face very well) and she looks smokin’ in her outfit.  Haruka’s got a new hair cut, which loans her a maturity, and while it’s different, it’s cool on her.  Everyone really looks amazing, though.  I can’t wait for better pictures to be out.

Another awesome thing about this song is the dance.  Ayumi in particular is fantastic.  I think it’ll look even better when they have practiced it a bit more (some are very slightly out of sync here and there), but even in this performance, the dance exudes “cool”.  I’m so pleased.

I’m officially psyched for this single, even if it’s not what I was expecting.  Yeah, it’s RoboMusume, but it’s really good, and watching this made me intensely excited for the group again, which is more than I felt for years (even when I did like the song, like Nanchatte Ren’ai.  The new girls have added a new level of love to the group, a freshness that I was craving, and that added together with a kickass new single makes Morning Musume something worth obsessing over again.  It’s a feeling I have wanted to reclaim for years.



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