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Mitsui Aika Chooses Graduation…

It’s the news I have been waiting for for a while – Mitsui Aika will be graduating from Morning Musume.  Read all about it at arama here!

The specifics of it are interesting, and help endear Aika to me, at least a little.  Seems she went to the doctor and was told that she’s in good shape, but if she were to return to dancing intensely as before, that her chance for re-injury was very high.

I am glad that she is putting her own health first, and am also glad that she is putting the group first in a way as well – Rather than continue to participate as a member who can’t be fully active, she asked to graduate.

Unfortunately, she wants that graduation as quickly as possible.  That means she will be leaving May 18th, the same day as leader Niigaki Risa.

Aika, I take back what I said about you having been endearing, seriously, wtf?

In my opinion, for her to take away any of the spotlight from Risa, who has worked so hard to deserve it, who has earned the right have her graduation be a big deal, is jut wrong.  It makes me fume.  OK, I get it, she wants to leave as soon as possible – but to turn Risa’s graduation into a shared event when it should be her time to shine and have all eyes on her, is just rude.

I suppose it also sucks for Aika’s fans, too – with this being so unforeseen, she’ll be an afterthought, kinda like her whole Morning Musume career has seemed for me.

As far as my thoughts on her leaving (spotlight-stealing aside), I’m glad.  I don’t hate her, but I was never a fan of her in Morning Musume.  I didn’t mind her in sub groups like Guardian4 and Tanpopo#, but she never worked in Momusu for me.

Aika was part of the Morning Musume that almost lost me as a fan.  Generations 7 and 8 were disasters for me.  I couldn’t stand Koharu, didn’t care for Aika or the chinese members overall.  I had hoped that Aika would blossom into a solid member, but for me she never did.  Singing was iffy at best and I never felt like I got to know her personality, etc.  Then the group remained stagnant for years with so many members I didn’t care for, and having Aika, the last of them, leave makes me feel like that era is truly behind them now.

I feel like Aika has definitely been dragging the group down since her injuries started, and I guess she sees it that way too.  I wish her nothing but the best in her future, and I do think I will actually harbor a lot less resentment towards her now that she isn’t a half-hearted member of the group.  There is talk that she may do something else within Hello! Project, so that’s good for her.

The future of Morning Musume, for me at least, is brighter now.  The only member I don’t care for is leaving, which means we are left with the girls that have either won me over already, or that interest me enough to make me want to see what they can do.  This graduation is a wonderful thing….  Except for stealing Gaki’s spotlight.  Dammit.



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