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Idols Love Idols Too

I love seeing that two of my favorite groups are fans of each other.  <3

Sayumi posted up on her blog the other day about going to the Momoiro Clover Z concert at the Yokohama Arena.  She loved their performance, and they got to hang out together after the concert!

You can read her post at her blog here, in Japanese.  Over at blog!project, there is a translation of the entry as well!

Apparently Shiori did the Ren’ai Hunter dance for them.  Cute <3!  I wish there were a video.

Sayu thinks they are super cute and energetic.  I would agree.

It just makes me smile to know that even between groups that may be competing for a market, the idols themselves are big fans as well, and enjoy the other groups out there.  Maybe the fact that idols often love other idols may help the fans who insist on polarizing, saying things like, “Don’t like group x, group z is so much better!”.  Some fans even insist that if you like one group, you should hate against the other.  I personally don’t think that’s the right attitude to have, even if you don’t like the other group.   That’s why I think things like Sayu’s blog entry are wonderful things – they show that fans can like both groups,  and that’s OK.

Of course I still think it’s OK to not be a fan of groups that don’t appeal to you, that’s the beauty of opinion, but it can be so easy to get lost in the hate wars that go on between groups. K-pop is notorious for it, but it definitely exists in J-pop as well.  Not naming names here, but I’m sure you can tell by who I do and don’t talk about on this blog that I personally am not generally a fan of some of the biggest, most successful and popular groups out there -but it’s still not good to get caught up in the hate for that other group.  After all, the girls I love so much are actually fans of them, even if I personally am not.

Anyway, I love that a bigger, more well-known group like Morning Musume enjoys my personal favorite group, Momoiro Clover, and I would love to see more entries like this.  It made my day!


2 thoughts on “Idols Love Idols Too

    • I remember last year there was an interview-type thing with Smileage and Momoclo that was quite cute. Akari was a fan too! H!P and Momoclo make such a nice combo. <3

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