Hello! Project

Tsunku somehow manages to blow my mind in a good way

Tsunku, you sly dog.

Despite his questionable decisions and at times compositions, Tsunku managed to pull a pretty good one on us with Berryz and C-ute’s latest albums.  It was recently discovered that each group had a song that, played separately, was its own piece, but when played simultaneously with the other group’s corosponding song, melded together into a delightful new creation.  Behold, as Because Happiness and Shiawase no Tochuu mesh into this song!

Quite frankly, I never saw it coming..  This is in part due to the fact that I never got either album… I’m only rarely interested in material from either group, so I never bothered…  But had I, I never would have put 2 and 2 together.  Knowing the end result song, I will say that it’s hard to hear the other without knowing the parts in between.  The odd thing for me is that on their own, neither song catches my attention, but the combination is wonderful and I like it quite a bit.

Of course something this perfect couldn’t have just been a coincidence, and Tsunku has admitted to having planned it all along (as reported by Hello! Online), and even plans for the groups to perform the mash-up version in concert at the H!P Summer concert, according to Tsunku’s blog.

Now my big question is, can we get a full version of this song available for purchase?  I’d love to see the mash-up released on iTunes.  Props to Tsunku for this one – I’m really delighted by this little surprise and would definitely buy it.  Things like this make me feel like Hello! Project still has that magic spark in there.



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