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Album Covers & PV Preview for Moretsu!

Today is an exciting day!  No, not because of the Super Bowl (booooring!).  Today we have more news about Momoiro Clover Z’s next single, Mouretsu Uchuu Koukyoukyoku – Dai Nana Gakusho “”Mugen No Ai”!

Epic PV?  CHECK!
Epic covers? CHECK and CHECK!

Let’s start with the covers, because we have 2 to look at, the regular edition and the limited one.  You can check out the postings for them, as well as read some info about Momoclo’s upcoming concerts that are also super exciting,  at here.

Here’s the limited edition.

I like it, it’s a great shot of them.  Kanako looks like she’s just waiting to kick someone’s ass, while the rest of them pledge alligiance  to her.  Still loving the outfits, and the girls look great.  The background is out of this world lol awesome, too!

And for the regular edition….

Hold on, did the regular edition cover just absolutely blow away the already awesome limited edition cover?

I’m insanely impressed with this.  This looks like an incredible ad for a movie or drama.  Kanako, front and center, strikes a perfect super hero pose, with the others in the background.  Shiori and Momoka’s poses are perfect for the scene, while Ayaka’s is hilariously adorable and unexpected, in comparison to the rest of them.  Reni’s huge background shot, looking super-serious, might be my favorite part of the cover, though, because it’s just so perfect with the whole theme of the cover.  Everything fits together really nicely on this – I even like the jackets of the outfits, it looks rather cool on Kanako in this.  I would definitely call this the best CD cover they have come out with in their career so far.

I am soooo ordering the regular version (this cover + a 3rd song, DNA Rhapsody, makes that a must).  But, now I kind of want to buy both, because we have a very short PV preview, and just judging from that, this PV is going to be amazing.

Anyway, Stardust Digital has posted the preview on their official channel, here.  That’s cool, because it won’t be deleted by Youtube, being on their official channel and all.  Let’s take a look at a few shots from it:

Space bikes? XD

The set for the dance scenes we saw is cool!

Captain Kanako!  LOVE her hat!

Reni looks like she’s having a blast!

How does Momoka manage to pull off looking sweet, even in something like this?

A-rin is A-OK!

Shiorin looks great as well!

Even the title screen at the end is cool. But how are we supposed to wait until March??

So, the solo shots look great, and more interesting than just face close-ups.  Kanako, Reni, and Momoka looked amazing!  <3  The dance scenes also look cool, with the space background.  I’m also  glad that the clear jackets aren’t worn in all the scenes we saw, since they would have been cumbersome.

My big complaint right now is that 15 seconds is just NOT ENOUGH.  I need more!  This song is like CRACK!

This shall be a most tortuous February!  Until then, I’m gonna get my pre-order in at YesAsia, and talk about every tidbit of information available about it.  Actually, there is a new idol-centric forum that has started at another excellent Jpop blog, Pure Idol Heart.  It just started up, but it would be great to have more people to get chatting about Momoclo and other idols, so you should definitely come join the discussion!



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