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My thoughts on Pyoko Pyoko Ultra

I’ve been trying to ignore it, hoping it would just go away, but that never works, does it?  So, I thought, rather than dwell on, maybe I’d post about it and just get my thoughts out there in the open.  Morning Musume has released Pyoko Pyoko Ultra, their first single since the addition of 10th gen, and the removal of Takahashi – and those things seemed to be positives, in my opinion.   I had really high hopes for it.

Well, as it turns out, I hate Pyoko Pyoko Ultra.

What I really wanted to talk about is why, though.  I’m not one of the people out there who only knew eMorning Musume.  I’ve been a fan since 5th generation, back when the music was fun and happy and different than it is now.  I don’t hate this song because it’s too childish, or because it’s silly.  Hell, I even found Morning Musume no Hyokkori Hyoutanjima to be relatively fun.  It’s not the fun that I hate here, it’s that the song itself is very poorly written, not catchy, and  extremely over-processed.

I feel like Tsunku has forgotten how to write a good “fun song”.  We’ve had so many great ones in the past, from The*Peace, to Say Yeah ~Motto Miracle Night~, to Go Girl! Koi no Victory.  Even Mikan was, in my opinion, tons of fun and a great song.  This one, though, is most certainly not.  I feel like it’s a half-assed attempt at sounding like their old style, like something that a Morning Musume knock-off would have come out with.  It’s just not up to par.

The vocals were something I had really looked forward to, because I wanted to hear the new girls, but most of the lines sound like they’ve been altered or processed or auto-tuned.  Just something about the way the vocals ended up sounding was really unpleasant.  I also hated the music itself, a lot –  It’s weird, sloppy, distorted, and awkward.

Speaking of awkward, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Morning Musume look so miserable in a set of outfits before.  They’re horrible.  I know, we’ve seen worse (Berryz’ Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance, anyone?), but they’re still awful.  The video was kind of fun despite its cheapness, but it was actually really hard to watch because of those awful outfits.  I felt bad for the poor girls, plus the brightness made my eyes hurt.

I do not blame any of this mess on the new girls.  I really do feel like 9th and 10th generations are both absolutely fantastic, and I love every single member they have added with those two generations.  And I really feel like UFA has done both gens a huge disservice by giving them a song this shoddy to try and debut with, because this is the awful impression a lot of people are going to get of these kids.

It’s really hard to love a group so much and to come away from something anticipated with such disappointment.  I know Hello! Project has the potential to release incredible stuff, and seeing them waste such wonderful girls on material that feels so cheap is incredibly disheartening.  I just hope their next single, Ren’ai Hunter, will be better.  I’d love for them to try something fun again, but do it right.

Bring back the Morning Musume music that always got stuck in my head, the Morning Musume that lifted my spirits, the Morning Musume that was charming and cute and addicting.  That’s what made me a fan, and that’s what I want back.

Pyoko Pyoko does not fit the criteria.

Pyoko pyoko can suck it.


3 thoughts on “My thoughts on Pyoko Pyoko Ultra

  1. I completely agree and you rant about why this song is so bad really nicely! Well, I don’t know if you were ranting but you set up your points up so well! I agree that Tsunku can do fun, childish songs but this song is just… a bad song that happens to attempt at being fun and childish. Anyways, I enjoyed the review!

    • Thanks!

      It’s just one of those things that really bugs me – I loved their old silly stuff, but this is just so not good enough, that it ends up pissing me off. I know they can do so much better than this!

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