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Previews of Momoiro Clover Z’s next single, Mouretsu Uchuu Koukyoukyoku – Dai Nana Gakushou “Mugen no Ai”

My goodness, the title to this single is so long that I feel awkward including it in the post title.  Not that it’s any better in English…  “Bodacious Space Symphony, 7th Movement: Infinite Love” is still quite a mouthful.

But, I am not posting today to discuss the over-the-top title.  No, I am posting to talk about the just as over-the-top song, and how amazing it is, and how you really gotta hear it if you’re a Momoclo fan!

It’s quite early, but, somehow full-length song previews have leaked, and are available on Youtube.  Here is one – I really don’t know how long it will remain up, so you might wanna do what I may have done, and get yourself an MP3 of it, because the official single isn’t going to come out until 3-7-12.  That’s two grueling months!!

So, the song.  I will say, the first listen, I only heard the chorus, from a short preview of the concert where the song was first performed.  The chorus didn’t really wow me at first -it wasn’t until I had it in full context with the rest of the song that I really appreciated it.  Now that I’ve had time for the whole song to really sink in, I am 100% hooked, completely head over heels for this song.  If I had to describe it  in terms of their already-released material, I’d say it has the randomness of Pinky Jones, the frantic feeling and shouts of Wani to Shampoo, the rocking-ness of Bionic Cherry, and the epic feeling of Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo.  Except take all those feelings and add metal guitars and choral vocals.  It’s amazing.

We start out with some interesting vocals from Kanako and Momoka, with some neat effects on them that somehow make the vocals sound even cooler.  Then, the rock starts, and it pretty much rocks the whole rest of the way.  The guitar licks throughout were done by ex-Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman, which is a definite plus, making even the instrumental parts of this song high quality, something you don’t always find in idol music.

I also really loved that when they got to the 2nd verse, it wasn’t just a repeat of the first verse but with different lyrics.  They did something a little different, and I loved it (Aye-aye, sir!).  The unpredictability of the song itself keeps me entertained for multiple listens.  There’s a lot of shouting, from sing-shouting in the lines of the chorus, to random yelling, to an actual, full-out scream later in the song.  It all just adds to the intense feeling throughout the song, and I think that’s what has me so hooked.

The vocals in this one… They aren’t the strongest, there’s a lot of straining, but it also gives the song the feeling that the girls went in there and really threw all their effort into it, singing as hard as they could.  It should detract, but somehow I like it.  Especially the scream – I can’t wait to see the video or a performance to see who does it.  I think it was Kanako, (edit:  It’s Reni!  <3)  but it’s hard to tell, there’s a whole lot going on in this song!

So overall…  This song is amazing and I honestly think this is their best single since their major debut with Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo.  I’ve liked virtually all of their songs, but this one is really something special.  I hope it’s as well-received by others, it’s hard to tell if it will, because it’s definitely DIFFERENT and thus not everyone’s cup of tea.  But I am in love.

Speaking of this single, though, the girls have posted up some interesting photos on their blogs recently, which could be the costumes to be used in the PV.

If these are them, I am in love with both the song and the outfit.  Check out Momoka’s awesome get-up:

I absolutely love this.  I love the sparklies, the silver, the boots, and especially that green thigh-high on one leg.  Some of the pictures from the other girls’ blogs were a bit different, though – head gear matches Momoka’s, but the rest of what’s pictured looks more like a sweatshirt?  I’m kinda confused, because Momoka’s looks way better.  I do love Kanako’s hat, though.  Also, her dimples. <3

And I can’t resist this picture either, mostly due to Reni’s adorable scowl.  I also wonder if she actually gets to wear that hat.

I’m sure we’ll get more insight into the costumes later, though.  Also, I’m really curious to hear what NARASAKI has done with the B-side, Lost Child, and what the C-side will be.  But, those will probably come later.   This is awfully early to have a full song preview, after all.  However, it has whet my appetite tremendously and I’m now looking forward to this single more than ever!  It’s going to be a long 2 months!


3 thoughts on “Previews of Momoiro Clover Z’s next single, Mouretsu Uchuu Koukyoukyoku – Dai Nana Gakushou “Mugen no Ai”

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  3. I frequent mm96zzzz’s page quite a bit and I can promise that the video will be gone in a weeks time. It think the user rotates videos frequently to avoid copyright stuff, or is some sort of inside job that is confused.

    This song is killer though. I really can’t wait for it to come out. I’ll absolutely be getting it!

    Speaking of, I just got my first physical Momoclo CD! Woo! It’s…dunno what it’s called…the A-type of the one with Santa-San on it.

    Yay! It’s okay to say yay, even if you’re a grown ass man.

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