Sweet Jewel by Fairies – PV Review

I’ve become quite fond of this new avex group, Fairies, since their debut earlier this year with More Kiss / Song For You.  I loved both songs, even if the PVs were little more than a standard mix of dance scenes and close-ups.  I was really excited for their next single, Hero / Sweet Jewel, since it was announced.  But where have the PVs been?  It is there that I have a bit of a beef with Avex…

PV previews for both Hero and Sweet Jewel are out, and have been out.  But the single has been out for about a week, and there’s no sign of any full PVs from them on Youtube.  Fans have uploaded a few times, but they are swiftly removed.  Avex, what’s up with this?  This is a brand new group, still trying to get their footing in the busy idol industry, shouldn’t you be promoting the hell out of these girls?  By limiting the exposure to the full PVs, I think they are doing Fairies a huge disservice.  PVs on Youtube are a huge draw for would-be fans, and these two new ones are a huge step up from the last ones.  They should be doing everything they can to get them out there and seen.

OK, now that I got that rant out of my system, I’d like to talk about Sweet Jewel a little more (Hero will come in its own post a little later).  Sweet Jewel is, out of the 4 Fairies songs released thus far, my least favorite.  That said, it’s still pretty good!  Sweet Jewel is a fairly typical idol pop song, with a happy, bouncy feel to it.  The vocals are done well, with none of the members standing out as being a bad singer.  Unlike More Kiss, you won’t find any extreme line-whoring here.  All the girls sing, and though I thought some stood out more than others, I think they featured all pretty well.

While on the first listen or two, Sweet Jewel didn’t really catch me, it has grown on me and I do like the song now.  I still like their other songs better, but if you enjoy idol music, you probably won’t mind this.  It’s pretty inoffensive.

One of the problems I had with this group for a little bit was the members, though.  They are a pretty new group, and thus far have not been very popular amongst the english-speaking wota of the world – I seem to read more negative than positive, for whatever reason.  Different strokes, I guess, because I’ve been loving their stuff.  But, there not being much out there means it’s harder to be a fan, and harder to show others why they should be a fan, too.  I only wish their full PVs for these new songs were readily available on a public source like Youtube…  But anyway, for those who don’t know them much yet, here are the members in the PV, that you should get to know!

This is Ito Momoka.  You may recognize her as the only lead singer from their first single, More Kiss!  She’s a good singer, and cute, too!  I wasn’t a fan of the hot pink plaid suit coat she wore in much of this, but she is gorgeous anyway.

Here we have Nomoto Sora!  Sora is one of the members that stood out to me immediately.  Her looks are a little unique, with her Marilyn-like mole.  Her eyes, especially those lashes, looked really nice in this PV.  She had my favorite outfit in this PV, I liked the buttons on her shorts.
This cutie is Hayashida Mahiro.  She might be my favorite of the group so far.  I really love her cute face, her eyes are so bright and there’s something playful about them.  I’d like to see more of her.

This is Shimomura Miki.  I was able to pick her out immediately due to her unforgettable features.  Her eyes and mouth are big and wide, giving her a very young and happy look.
Here we have Kiyomura Kawane.  She’s pretty easy to recognize, with those tiny moles on her chin.  She’s not one of my favorites for looks, but much like Mahiro, there’s something playful and fun to Kawane that does draw me to her.  She was one of the less-featured, so I would like to see more of her.

Here is Fujita Miria.  It’s unfortunate that I first started remembering her because she was the one who hurt her ankle and was out for a while.  She seems to be a really fun girl though, and appears to be back in full force for these singles!

And last, we have Inoue Rikako.  She’s probably my least favorite at the moment, but there’s really nobody I hate in this group, and that could change.  Her front teeth distract me, though.

So those are the girls, now let’s look at the PV!  The PV for this song was a lot of fun, and showed off all the members well.  I really liked it for that, and for having more to show than just dance shots and close-ups.  We get to see much of the cute dance, plenty of closeups of the girls, and many scenes of them preparing for a party and interacting with each other.  There were some genuinely cute moments, so I am hoping for more PVs like this one.  Let’s take a look!

Momoka and Sora get things off to a cute start!

Momoka is probably the most classically cute of the group. Shame about that blazer.

I love the faces. These scenes were cute.

Rikako had a few cute moments, even if I'm not really a fan.

The dance had a lot of fun movements, and... whoa, look at those heels. No wonder Miria broke her ankle.

Sora was the girl that stood out the most to me in this video.

The interaction with each other during the dance was really endearing.

The faces in this are hilarious. Kawane looks goofy, Miria looks silly, Sora looks modelesque, Momoka looks concentrated, and Rikako looks distracted.

Rikako and Mahiro were paired up for many of their scenes.

As were Momoka and Sora, who were very cute.

And then we have the adorable trio of Kawane, Miki, and Miria!

The PV also featured a lot of dress-up scenes, of the girls getting clothes and makeup before the party.

Momoka is so cute with the hood!

The dance had them split into 2s and 3s often, which was a good change of pace.

It's like ring-around-the-rosie, or something!

A cute getting ready scene!

Gotta go with the cotton candy pink!

Isn't Mahiro just adorable?

Butt grab!

The PV is sugary-sweet at times.

This was my favorite part of the dance, and the most fun part of the PV.

It's party time!!!

Miria's kiss-blowing was too cute!

So close!

Less close. But I love Miria's perfect wink, and Kawane's exhuberence.

Sora shoots...

...And scores!

So overall, the song was OK, the PV was a lot of fun, and I’m getting more used to the members and getting to like them now. What I’d really like is some more media exposure, like their own TV show or something to see more of their personalities, but this is a good start.  The PV made this song much better for me, so I hope everyone out there can eventually see the full PV, too!



4 thoughts on “Sweet Jewel by Fairies – PV Review

  1. Fairies isn’t an Avex group.. It’s a Vision Factory group. Anyways, just in case you don’t know.. There’s a fansite for Fairies’ international fans called YouseiKiss. Check it! I sub and share Fairies stuff on my livejournal, please check it, too.

    • I think just about everyone else out there, currently releasing, is tame compared to Momoclo. If you love the wackiness and don’t mind looking into someone whose career is pretty much over, you might enjoy Shinohara Tomoe. She was my first Jpop love, and at least as wacky as Momoiro Clover. Back in the day, Morning Musume used to be pretty silly and fun, too, although not so much anymore.

      Fairies is certainly more on the “serious” side (well, for a bunch of teenagers) in comparison.

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