Hero by Fairies – PV review

Now that I’ve gone over the PV for Sweet Jewel, I wanted to take a look at the one for Hero, as well.  Unfortunately, like Sweet Jewel, you can only find a short preview of it on Youtube at the moment – something that I hope is remedied by avex on their official channel.

If you read my review of Sweet Jewel, you know that I’ve definitely fallen for this group.  Hero, for me, is much better than Sweet Jewel, song-wise.  PV-wise, Sweet Jewel wins, but Hero is one seriously cool song, and I haven’t been able to get enough of it since the previews came out!  Where Sweet Jewel was a typical idol song, Hero is more unique.  It’s funky and cool, and it sticks with you easily because it’s different.

The first bars of Hero make it sound like it’s about to be a rap song, but it’s really more of a funky, cool song, the only raps are the short lines that Kawane and Miki sing periodically.  I like the change-up from those lines, to the catchy verses and chorus.  The refrain is particularly catchy, and I find it getting stuck in my head frequently!

Here are our players:

Momoka. She's one of the leads in this song.

Sora. She's the other lead, and heavily featured.

Miki. She's one of the two singing the "rap" lines, like "Don't be afraid, believe in yourself!"

Kawane. She's the other one singing during those rap lines. "Let me go, flow like a hero!"

Miria. She isn't featured as much, but is in the center of the dance, although she is in the back row.

Rikako. I think she sang one line in the bridge. Not very visible in this PV, but gets a few solo shots.

Mahiro. Seriously the only solo shot I could find of her, and that's a crying shame because I think she's the cutest one.

The PV for Hero isn’t as good as Sweet Jewel, but it still has a lot going for it.  The dance to this song is entertaining, with some really neat formations and plenty of hand movements.  We also get 4 different outfits throughout the PV, surprisingly.  I liked 3 out of the 4 outfits, but my favorite of them was the black, white, and jean ones they had for the majority of the PV.  I really loved Momoka’s jacket!

The PV is partly outside, where they dance, and partly inside a school – mainly the library, where they end up having a dance scene as well.  There’s not much else to it, but they look and sound pretty cool, so I am satisfied for the most part.

If there’s one thing I don’t like as much about Hero, it’s that the song is definitely lead by Momoka and Sora, the other girls don’t get nearly as much screen time.  That kind of thing is usually expected with idol PVs, but I did want to mention it because they seem to be the emerging front girls.  After More Kiss, Momoka was firmly established as the lead, but she seems to share that role with Sora in Hero (and also Sweet Jewel, to a lesser extent).  I like both of them, but I did notice that some of the girls are barely there (I was hard-pressed to find just one headshot of Mahiro, for instance).

Let’s look at some shots from the PV:

Miki and Kawane, all DJ-like with their headphones and records.

The library is an odd setting for a PV, though.

One of the things I liked about their school uniforms is that every one of them is different.

Sora and Momoka were definitely the front girls.

The dance is chock full of hand movements.

A rare shot of Mahiro, Miria, and Rikako.

I love the poses.

The dance was definitely the highlight of the PV.

I also liked this set of outfits. They were all different, but went well together.

Fairies throwing up the metal horns in this dance was kind of funny, though.

I'm supposed to be paying attention to Kawane and Miki here, but I can't stop reading the bulletin board. "prom qween"? "Must we fling this"??

I believe they are supposed to be hearing Miki and Kawane over the intercom?

There's Mahiro, looking fierce at the front of the line.

Look, a 3rd outfit! These ones are pretty cool, too.

And they dance in the library!

I loved this part of the dance, where everyone but Miki and Kawane got down while they pointed and sang.

I took this cap because it made me giggle. They're so into this move that they look a little odd.

Mahiro looks perfect. Rikako looks serene. Miria, though, I can't tell if she looks confused or if she's about totell us off.

Surprise! 4th outfit!

I actually really disliked these outfits, they were ugly and not needed, and the socks with long skirts are not flattering.

They still try and work it, though!

Much better.

Fairies’ newest single is a huge success with me.  I’m in love with the song for Hero, and the dance is great too.  Combined with Sweet Jewel, it’s a great single all around, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in checking this group out.  I have enjoyed all their releases so far this year, so I can’t wait for what 2012 will bring!



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