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PV for Buono’s Deep Mind Released!

Buono!’s PV for Deep Mind has been released on Youtube, which you can watch here! It has been a great week for Buono!, with 2 PVs for their double-A-side single, containing Deep Mind and Hatsukoi Cider, that is coming out January 18, 2012.  Hatsukoi Cider was a great song, with a decent, if simple, PV.  Deep Mind brings us more in the same vein, but with a different feel to it.  I found myself enjoying the song and the PV.

The song Deep Mind, when it was first previewed, did not catch my attention much.  I heard it and wasn’t too impressed.  However, I have actually come around to it now that I’ve heard the whole thing and have the PV to go with it.  Buono’s rock sound is back in full force with this single, and I love it.  This release is shaping up to be much better than the next Morning Musume single, that’s for sure (although, that is a topic for another post entirely).

The 3 girls sound great here, but the voice that I enjoyed most in this one was definitely Momoko.  She sings in her deeper register for much of the song.  I loved it, I think her voice has a lot of character and depth to it when she sings lower.  I love her higher register as well, so I suppose I like Momoko at her extremes the best.  But she really shines in her parts here.  Her voice even sounded fantastic when they threw in that little bit of auto tune in the bridge.

The styling was great in this song as well, we had some really nice accessories, especially Airi’s earrings, and the outfits looked dark, punk, and cool, but still with a girlish edge to them due to the puffy skirts.  My favorite styling in this was definitely Miyabi, though.  Holy cow, she really did cut her hair that short!  When I saw her in Hatsukoi Cider I thought the rest of it was in her hat, but apparently not!  It’s short, and it looks amazing on her!  She also had my personal favorite touch of styling in the video, the fishnets up her arm.  She looks so awesome.  It’s so weird because she is traditionally the one I pay least attention to, but in this single she’s been the one I can’t look away from.

The PV itself was very simple, but memorable due to the dark industrial setting.  It was also notable for showing the backing band a whole lot – there are scenes with the guitars and drums and such spliced in between the Buono! girls’ scenes through the whole thing, lending a more rock than idol feel to this PV.  Of course, it is still idol in some ways, especially the heavy use of close-ups, and the dance.  Unlike Hatsukoi Cider, this one did have a dance, which I liked because it keeps things a little more interesting.

Overall, I didn’t find the PV (deep) mind-blowing, but it was decent and worked with the feel of the song.  It also showed off Miyabi looking incredibly good, so I’m pretty OK with it.  Picspam, with extra Miyabi, please!

Airi looks like she's about to murder someone. But really, she's just here to sing.

Never let go.

Momoko was cute in this PV, a little more toned down than usual.

The setting for the PV was rather dark.

The band was featured heavily in this PV!

This was where I started freaking out. Ohmygod she did cut it that short! Ahhhh! I love it!

Miyabi looks flawless in this PV.

Airi looks good too, if typical. Love the earrings.

Momoko had star earrings. Her hair is OK too, better than pigtails, but not as good as Hatsukoi Cider.

Some of the shots with the dance movements and skirts made for some off angles... Hooray for petticoats, or something.

Unlike Hatsukoi Cider, this one had a dance, which I prefer.

Ok, back to Miyabi. Did I mention how amazing she looks?

She looks very cool. I love the fishnet glove. Oh, and Airi and Momoko are there too.

One thing I didn't like was how the camera kept going in and out of blurriness.

I love Airi being dramatic with her movements.

Miyabi. You need to keep this look. It works.

She is so stunning.

Again, with the dramatic dance movements. All 3 of them are great for that here.

Not a fan of the blurriness again. Definitely a fan of Buono!, though.

I liked this shot of Momo.

And this one of Airi.

But mostly Miyabi. <3 <3 <3

So there we have it!  A good song, a pretty good PV, and our Buono! is back, full-force!  I’m psyched for the single, and can’t wait to see what 2012 has in store for them!



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