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Another Momoiro Clover Z Single Announced!

It seems like just yesterday that they announced their special Christmas single, but we’ve got another one coming too!  Momoiro Clover Z will be singing the opening and ending themes to a new anime, モーレツ宇宙海賊(パイレーツ) (Mo-retsu Pirates, also subtitled Bodacious Space Pirates).  The anime itself does not premiere until January, and the single is slated to release quite far in the future – 3/7/2012.  But, at least we have something to look forward to until then.  You can check out the official announcement, in japanese, at here, or at Yahoo! here. The natalie version has a lot of cute holiday pics of the girls in Santa dresses, too.  <3

The opening song will be titled 猛烈宇宙交響曲・第七楽章「無限の愛」, romanized as mouretsu uchuu koukyoukyoku . dai nana gakushou “mugen no ai”.  If that’s too much of a mouthful, the translation would be “Bodacious Space Symphony, 7th Movement: Infinite Love”.  Maybe that isn’t much better.  The ending theme is titled LOST CHILD.  As we can see from StarChild’s official page on the anime here, at the bottom, there will also be a 3rd, yet-untitled song on the regular edition of the single.  The other edition does not have that song, but comes with a DVD.

Since the anime has not come out yet, we don’t have any song previews.  There is a trailer available for the series, but it does not feature the opening or ending song, just an insert song that is not by Momoclo.  But, I expect that when the show starts to air we will be able to hear TV size versions of both songs.  I can’t wait to hear them, both  sound like they have potential.  The OP is by the amazing Hyadain, who did Ikuze’! Kaitou Shoujo among others, and the ending by NARASAKI, who did Pinky Jones and many more, so I expect to love both!

I’ll post more about this single as it becomes available!  Until then I guess I’ll have to contain myself!



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