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Momoiro Clover Z to release another limited MomoKuri single, Shiroi Kaze!

Momoiro Clover Z is doing it again – we’re going to get another limited single for their MomoKuri concert!  Those of you that were fans last year may remember the previous MomoKuri single, which was extremely limited but had some excellent tracks, like the lead track, Kimi Yuki (a forever favorite of mine), and studio releases of several of the songs they covered frequently during their concerts.  This one’s lead track will be a new song called Shiroi Kaze.  You can read the official announcement at here, or an english abbreviation of the news at Tokyohive here.

I really hope this one shapes up to be as awesome a single!  I’m hesitant about some of the tracks, since 2 of the songs are remixes of Santa-san, which is not one of my favorite Momoclo songs, but even those remixes seem like they could be interesting.  Here’s the tracklist:

1.   白い風  (Shiroi Kaze)
2.  We are UFI!!! / UFI (ももいろクローバーZ) (Momoiro Clover Z)
3. サンタさん (Santa-san) –DJ Taku’s Christmas A-men Breaks-
[Remixed Produced by ☆Taku Takahashi (m-flo)]
4. サンタさん (Santa-san) –Bloody Christmas Version-
[Re-arranged Produced by NARASAKI ]
5. 白い風 (Shiroi Kaze)(off vocal ver.)
6. We are UFI!!!(off vocal ver.)

Yeah.  UFI is on there!  If you don’t know what that is, make sure you are sitting down, and then check out the video on Youtube here!

And it’s about now that I realize, I don’t think I’ve ever talked about UFI on this blog, oddly enough.

A few months ago, some songs came out for the sitcom Hayami Akari, former blue member of Momoiro Clover, has been starring in.  Those songs were by a group called UFI, aka Unidentified Fantastic Idol, or 未確認少女隊 if you like it in kanji.  They sounded…  why, a lot like Momoiro Clover…  How odd…

It was no secret to any Momoclo fan, their voices are instantly recognizable, and they even use their colors if you weren’t sure who is who.  This is the first official acknowledgement that it is Momoclo, that I have seen, so that’s kind of cool, even if it was obvious.  I also really love knowing that they are still connected to Akari.  I always felt like their friendship with her, especially Kanako, was very genuine, so it’s really touching to know they still work together on some level.

This begs the question, though – only We Are UFI!!! is on here, but that was not their only song.  There are a few more that we have short versions of, Alone, and Miracle.  I wonder if they will  be included as B or C-sides in future releases?  The UFI material is definitely not as strong as their regular Momoiro Clover material, but it’s still fun and enjoyable, so a release at some point would be nice.

Anyway, getting away from the UFI talk, we also have some interesting looking remixes on here.  Santa-san is a song that I find relatively enjoyable in small doses during the Christmas season, but was not a song that I thought would ever be remixed.  Certainly not by Takahashi Taku from m-flo!  Wow, I actually like a lot of their older material, but I never would have paired Taku together with Momoclo, so this should be interesting.  And while I’m not too familiar with the other, NARASAKI, the remix title (-Bloody Christmas Version-) is interesting as well.  (Edit:  Apparently NARASAKI is the one who arranged Pinky Jones, which I absolutely love, so I’m looking forward to his version as well!)

So, I really want to buy this single, but I don’t know if I will be able to, because it’s going to be for sale at their MomoKuri concert, which I definitely can’t be at, and online, but only at King Records’ “King E-Shop”.  Which, with my luck, will only ship to Japanese addresses.  Limited singles are cool and all, but I wish they were more obtainable for those of us on the other side of the world.  Yeah, I know, that might defeat the whole limited thing…  whatever.

I’m most curious to hear the title track, Shiroi Kaze, and see if it measures up to their previous MomoKuri single, but regardless, I’m pretty excited to hear it!  It’s just a shame I can’t be at the concert to buy it myself.



4 thoughts on “Momoiro Clover Z to release another limited MomoKuri single, Shiroi Kaze!

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  2. Thanks for sharing this! I knew a single was coming out but I’d never heard of the UFI stuff. That was pretty funny, and like you, I’m glad to see that they still talk to Akari. Would you have any suggestions on where stuff like this could be purchased? I know this one may be hard to get, but at least to try for other releases. Thanks for being one of the better and easier to follow blogs!

    • Thanks for reading!

      The best suggestion I have to buy limited things like this is either Yahoo! Auctions Japan (more popular than ebay in Japan). However, they usually only ship to Japanese addresses as well, so you might need to use a proxy service, where it would be shipped to a Japanese address and then they ship it to you. It can get quite expensive that way, though.

      For regular releases, I like, and yesasia, although I mostly recommend them because they are who I have the most experience with. This release will only be available online through King Records, so looks like we are out of luck there!

      • Thanks for your reply! I found YesAsia right after posting that, think I may have goofed though. I think I’ll go next time (or

        I have enjoyed your blog, this whole idol/jpop thing is foreign to me, never really heard of it before, but it’s pretty cool, especially the Momoclo girls, they are crazy!

        Keep up the good work!

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