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PV for Buono’s upcoming single, Hatsukoi Cider, released!

The PV for Buono’s next single, Hatsukoi Cider has been released on their official Youtube channel!  You can check it out here!

Hatsukoi Cider will be a double A-side with another song, Deep Mind.  Deep Mind is actually what kept me from being excited about this single until now, I had heard it and was not impressed at all.  However, I listened to, and saw the PV, for Hatsukoi Cider, and I’m not quite so unhappy now.  While I don’t think it’s their strongest material, it has a couple points to it that I like, and it’s still pretty decent, song-wise.

The song is fairly catchy, and has the pop rock sound we would expect from Buono.  They seem to be past their experimental Partenza thing.  I applaud the audacity to try something different, but at the same time, I feel like this group had really found their sound, and I’m glad to see they’ve gone back to it.  I find this song much better than Natsu Dakara, although it doesn’t come close to Zassou no Uta, which was my favorite of their post-Shugo Chara stuff.  Certainly, it isn’t as good as some of their anime tied releases, like Bravo Bravo, Ren’ai Rider, or My Boy, but I actually did like it better than some later releases, such as Our Songs.

What I really liked about this song was that it made Miyabi really stand out to me.  Out of the 3 girls, her voice is usually my least favorite, but not because she’s bad by any means.  It’s just that I love Momoko and Airi’s voices sooooo much that the competition is fierce.  But, in this song, Miyabi actually outshines Airi, and it just seems to fit so well with her voice that I’ll even give it to her over Momoko.  Did I mention her styling looks fabulous as well?  Her hat, make-up, earrings, hair (though I assume it is not cut, but hidden in the hat), it all looked great on her.  Yes, from the waist up, she looks great.

Wait, from the waist up?  Well, Airi and Miya both have pants on in this, and while I don’t necessarily dislike pants on an idol, these hot pink suits were a little odd looking, especially Miyabi’s unfortunate high waters and Airi’s out of place boots.  Momoko, in contrast, looked awesome with her black shorts and black thigh highs.  I really wish they had considered options like shorts or a skirt for Airi and Miyabi, who look a little confined in their pants.  Or, if they want to do a pants look on Buono, I think all 3 could really rock some pairs of ripped up jeans.

The PV for this song was rather boring.  It’s monochromatic, the hot pink is the only color really featured, which is different, but also makes you feel like you have been watching the same scene for the entire PV.  They also don’t deviate from the standard close-up singing shot, to wide singing/rocking out shots, except in a couple scenes.  One of those features the girls walking/rocking/lipsyncing while standing on glass directly over the lens.  Those scenes were really awkward and kinda dizzying at one point.  Also, the directly-staring-into-the-crotch angle isn’t exactly flattering.  Maybe that’s why they went with the pants.

Let’s look at some caps from the video:

The outfits don't look so bad at first, only because the camera isn't done panning yet.

I'm not digging AIri's boots, and Miyabi's high water pants are tragic.

Momoko was really cute in this video. I did not find her obnoxious.

Miyabi looks gorgeous! Love the hat.

Airi is beautiful as always. I like her loose tie.

One of the few scenes where they were not just singing in front of the camera.

The camera slowly moves into the gap in her arm, which becomes the next scene.

And the cycle continues!

Airi looks kinda awkward trying to rock out.

An example of the "on the camera" scenes. Just an awkward angle.

They look cute together as a group.

Scene change! <3

Airi's voice was somehow my least favorite in this one. I think this is the first time that has ever happened.

Momoko gets the big line in the bridge. I know some people hate her high notes, but I love them.

An example of unfortunate crotch shot. Maybe skirts would have been a bad idea. Depending on your preferences, I suppose.

They're cute when they are goofy like this.


So there you have it – a decent, but not outstanding song, and a rather boring and poorly executed PV. Not quite what I was hoping for, but I’m still glad for the song and more material for these girls. If they can get material like they got a few years ago, they could be my favorite Hello! Project group, but I think they need to do better than this. At least I’m moderately excited for the single,  and I will continue to love them as a group.


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