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PV For S/mileage’s single Please Mini Skirt Post Woman released!

The PV for Please Mini Skirt Post Woman, S/mileage’s next single, has been released!  You can check it out on Youtube here!   After seeing the PV and listening to the song a few times, I’m hooked.  As completely bummed as I am that Yuuka is leaving S/mileage, I am really happy with the last PV and single that she will be featured in.  Let’s take a look at it!

First, the song itself – it’s easily one of the best S/mileage songs and Hello! Project songs to come out this year.  While the title and subject matter might be silly and ridiculous, the song itself has quite a few different catchy bits to it, so bits and pieces of it end up stuck in my head all the time.  I really enjoyed the different segments of the song, that all came together to form one good, cohesive song.  I do think that the verses are catchier than the refrain, but that’s a minor complaint, because the refrain isn’t bad by any means.

Vocally, S/mileage has not changed in a huge way, at least yet.  Saki’s slightly deeper voice is sorely missed – Kana has a lower pitch than the other girls, and should fill in that gap, but her singing is still awful.  Thankfully she has very little in the way of solo lines.  Kanon seemed to get a good chunk of vocals, and what she got sounded terrific.  As far as Yuuka goes, she is still present in this song, and sounds as wonderful as always, but her lines are a reminder of what we’ll be missing come next year.

Pleasantly surprising was Meimi – She seems to either sound much better in studio than she did in auditions, or she has made some great improvements in singing in a short time.  She got a ton of lines in this song, and she sounded fantastic.  Her style of singing blended in really well with S/mileage’s sound, too – I can see her being a main vocalist frequently in the future based on her performance in this.  I will hand it to her – she won me over in this release.  From her vocals (which had me worried), to her cuteness and personality in the PV, I can’t not like the girl.  I guess that means I’ll still like half of S/mileage once Yuuka leaves.

Akari sounds great here too,  as I expected.  I’d heard Akari sing plenty of times as an egg and have always enjoyed her.  Also on the pleasing end of vocals was Rina – she sings much better than she looks.  Ayaka, well…   her lines that she sang in unison with Meimi were great, because the style of those lines suited her.  Her solo lines, I didn’t like so much.

It’s reassuring to hear these past 2 singles, and find that the sound of S/mileage has changed less than I feared it would, with the addition and departure of so many.  I’m still not pleased with the direction they took the group as far as additions and subtractions go, but I do feel that, since those decisions were made, S/mileage has gotten better material.  I’m really happy with their past couple releases, they have been much better than stuff they had earlier in their career, like Ganbaranakutemo, Bijin Mama, Shortcut, and the like.

The PV for this single was really good, as well.  Believe it or not, they actually put a tiny hint of a story line in it!  Ayaka, the, uh, mini skirt post woman, wakes up late!  Ok, it’s not much, but it was a cute addition and better than nothing but cuts from dance shots to close ups for 4 minutes.  I was worried after the awful PV for Tachiagirl, but this one was an improvement.  The only qualms I really had with it were the cheapo background in the dance shots, and the fact that their red outfits were very very similar to the Tachiagirl ones.  Those things aside, I enjoyed it.  My favorite thing about it would have to be the facial expressions and cute interactions between members.  Kanon stole the show every shot she was in, and proves why she’s the best current H!P member (in my book, anyway).  Meimi’s cuteness is infectious, as well.

Some screenshots, pardon the not-so-great quality…  This PV was not available in HD, unfortunately:

Oh no! Ayaka is late!

Every single thing Kanon does in this PV with her hands and expression is adorable.

Yuuka is leaving us after this PV. Her cute face and voice will be very sorely missed. Her moles, maybe not so much for me.

Meimi is so enthusiastic about everything in this PV. You can tell she's really putting all her effort into it and really wants to be there. I like that in an idol.

Akari get the award for most pinchable cheeks. She's like a chipmunk, in a good way.

Kanon being cute with the hands and face again. Love her.

Ayaka seems like she's trying to win everyone over. Too bad she does nothing for me, in looks, vocals, and personality.

I was kinda confused by all the presents and balloons. I understand packages, since they are (mini skirt) post women, but...?

Akari is super cute, and I am genuinely glad she is in the group, even though I couldn't stand the sub-member concept.

Kana, not so much... She's a little cute, and I like her personality that I've seen, but her vocals are terrible and I don't think she's good enough to be in the group. Egg, please!

Awww, but you, Meimi... You've won me over in this. I'm officially a fan.

o_O is all I can think when I see Rina, ever.

Kanon is love, though!

I love that she's not afraid to be totally goofy!

Ayaka was pretty cute in this too, admittedly. Still not a fave, though.

Hmm, Rina is almost cute in this part! That's an improvement!

Kana's looking pretty cute here, as well.

Meimi has a lot of fun with her shots in this PV

As a group, the generations seem to fit well together.

Akari has a couple real cute moments, too.

Who's the best member of Hello! Project? Why, of course!


I am a little concerned about the length of those mini skirts, though. Any shorter, and Yuuka's ass isn't gonna be covered when she does this.

So there you have it! Please Mini Skirt Post Woman, one of the worst-named singles, but still one of H!P’s best this year for me. I’m so sad to have it be Yuuka’s last, but it has at least reassured me a bit about the fate of this group. Hopefully their material in 2012 is of the same caliber!


One thought on “PV For S/mileage’s single Please Mini Skirt Post Woman released!

  1. .. Gotta say though. I feel creepy pedo as crap with all the close ups of the legs. I understand the song.. but maybe I wanna see the girls as a whole more?

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