Previews for Fairies’ new single, Hero/Sweet Jewel Released!

Fairies next single, another double A-side with the songs Hero and Sweet Jewel, will be released on 12/21/2011, and previews are now out!  It feels like it has been forever since More Kiss/Song For You was released… At least, it has for me, since I really enjoyed both of their debut songs and have been dying for more since they’ve been out!  Needless to say, as someone who really likes what Fairies has done so far, I am extremely excited for this next release!

You can check out the previews for the song on Youtube – Hero, and Sweet Jewel!

I didn’t have any idea of what these songs would sound like, but I wouldn’t have guessed Hero would sound like it does.  It’s a rap, sing-songy song with a bit of a swing beat to it.  It’s quite unusual, but I like the uniqueness that it has.  The sound of the beginning reminds me of old ’90s rap music a little, but in a good way.  The refrain is cool and funky!   Based on the preview alone I really like it… I think I’ve replayed the preview like 10 times already, so call me a fan.

Quite the opposite of Hero, is Sweet Jewel.  Where Hero was an odd kind of song, Sweet Jewel is very pop, and almost sounds like something that might have come from Hello! Project, like happy Tanpopo-style.  It’s cute and fun, but it doesn’t stand out very much.  The style of this one in particular is not really my thing, but I may like it more when we get the full version.  It is happy and peppy, but the generic sound to it isn’t as refreshing and hip as Hero.  It will probably grow on me, though.  I remember thinking Song For You was only OK at first, but I eventually got addicted to it even more than More Kiss.

Thus far though, I am really loving this group.  It’s funny, because I have read a lot of people aren’t that into them or have been disappointed, but I really haven’t.  I’ve enjoyed all their material so far and really look forward to getting to know the members better.  Going into their next single, I was pretty much hoping that they would be able to keep the momentum going from their last single, where I absolutely loved both A-sides.   Sweet Jewel doesn’t seem quite worthy of a double-a-side title so far (though it would be a fine B-side), but Hero was great, so I am definitely looking forward to this single’s release.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for more on this single, especially Hero, because I like what I’ve heard.  I’m really curious to see the dances for both of these as well, since Fairies is a dance group.  They’re definitely on my list of groups to follow.



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