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New Kikkawa Yuu Single Announced; Very Short Preview!

Kikkawa Yuu’s next single has been announced!   Her next single will be titled こんな私でよかったら (Konna Watashi de Yokattara), and is set to be released on 12/28/11, making it one of the last singles of this year!

You can read the announcement of the new single, in Japanese, here.  You may want to check it out even if you can’t read Japanese, because starting today, they have a “trial listening” going on – there is a music player that has a very short preview of the song!  What a pleasant surprise!

I was really excited to be able to get a glimpse of what the song would sound like so early.  Even though it’s only a short sample, it’s enough for me to say that I am really, really excited for this release.

Yuu is a budding star with amazing potential, but until this point, although I have liked her singles due to her amazing B-sides, the A-sides have not been good enough to show just how great she is.   Her last single, Hapirapi Sunrise, in particular, was very generic. Even though I did like the other tracks, I was a bit worried that she would continue to get plain A-sides that wouldn’t be good enough to really turn heads.  That would be a shame, because Yuu is gorgeous and has a fabulous voice, she could become a great solo artist if she can put something out that’s good enough to gain attention beyond the usual Hello! Project type crowd.

We only have a tiny snippet of her next song, Konna Watashi de Yokattara.  But that snippet is GOOD.   I imagine that the bit put up for the sample is from the chorus?  I really like it so far!  The tune is catchy and interesting, the music is pretty cool, medium-fast paced, with a bit of an electronic pop sound, and of course, Yuu’s voice sounds fantastic!

I may be jumping the gun here, because this preview is really too short to use to judge the whole song, but it leaves me with a very favorable impression, and a huge hope for what’s to come with Kikkawa Yuu’s career.

Judging from what I’ve heard so far, this could easily shape up to be her best single yet, so I’ll be waiting very impatiently for the next 2 months now.  It’s OK, though – Yuu is worth the wait.


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