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A More In-Depth Look at Momoclo’s Roudou Sanka

I’m back online, and really excited to talk more about the PV that has been released for Momoiro Clover Z’s new single, Roudou Sanka (Labor Anthem), which will be released 11/23/11.  If you haven’t already, you can check out the full song and PV on Youtube here!

One of the reasons I wanted to look at this PV and song a little more in depth is because I’ve seen people’s opinions on it vary pretty wildly!  Some people are saying they love the song, some hate the song, some think it’s a good change of pace, some think it’s not right for the group, and some love the PV and some hate the PV.  I’m pretty strongly biased in favor of loving Momoiro Clover and I don’t mind admitting that.  They are easily my favorite currently-releasing group and I think they have a lot going for them.  This song in particular is not quite typical for them, but I think it works very well and gives some more variety to their singles.

Momoiro Clover’s singles on the whole have been on the crazy side, at least since their major debut.  We had Kaitou Shoujo  (crazy), Pinky Jones (more crazy), Mirai Bowl (weird), Z Densetsu (more weird), and then D’ no Junjou (surprisingly not crazy or weird).  This song, I would peg as not too weird, and yet the PV is fun, and shows the girls’ silly sides a bit.  All in all I think a song like this does make Momoclo a little more “accessible” to potential new fans – who might not stick around for something as wacky as Z Densetsu – while still being the same loveable group.  When you add in the C-side track. Bionic Cherry, I think it gives a good range for the group on one single.  You have one song that’s a little calmer and cooler, and one song that’s more crazy and fun.  It’s a combination that I really like for them.

Roudou Sanka has a little bit of a rock vibe to it, with guitars being the main featured instrument.  The girls even rock out and pretend to play on their own color-coded acoustics.  The instrumental is pretty cool, I like the guitar riffs near the beginning of the verses.

I like the vocals more than the instrumentals, but that’s no surprise for me…  As I’ve said before, I absolutely love the vocals from Momoiro Clover.  I love some of the girls’ voices, even if they aren’t the best singers on a technical scale.  The way that they sing, and the tones and character in their voices just win me over completely.  This song throws in a new twist also – there is a slight echo effect on the solo lines, which is different.  It matches up to parts in the PV where they actually have pink megaphones.  I think it was a cool effect to throw in there, it adds to the mood and feel of the song.

In this song, I found my favorite vocals were from Momoka (no surprise there), and Shiori (big surprise for me).  It’s odd because usually my favorites, tied with each other, are Momoka and Kanako, however, I really enjoyed Shiori in this, especially in the beginning of the 2nd verse.  Kanako wasn’t bad by any means of course, and I absolutely love the sound of her voice, but in this song there wasn’t really a huge Kanako solo at the peak of the song, which happens in most Momoclo songs.  Instead we had a rap by everyone.  I don’t mind the change-up, and I appreciated the vocals of everyone in this overall.  Like in most of Momoclo’s stuff, I did find Ayaka to have the weakest vocals, but even she didn’t bother me at all in this song, which is a pleasant surprise.

Moving on to the PV, I found it to be very strong and fun!  The girls are shown working normal, mundane jobs, from office ladies to construction workers, but they ham it up and make it enjoyable to watch.  We get scenes in the workplace, in the bar (complete with actual businessmen), on construction sites, and dancing in the streets.

I initially didn’t like the outfits for this single at all, but having seen the PV now, I think they work a bit better in movement than they did in still pictures.  I still would have preferred something a little less bulky, but they did look quite cute in the video.  There was a second outfit featured in the PV as well, which I actually liked even less, it was a pink full body jumpsuit.  However, even in that, the girls’ made-up dirty faces were really really cute (think like in Morning Musume’s Koko ni Iruzee).

If I do have a complaint with this song, it is about the dance, which is sadly low key.    One thing that I usually love about Momoclo is their acrobatic and intense dances they do.  This song is completely lacking in that department, with the dance moves being very simple arm movements combined with mostly squatting and then jumping.  Nothing much to love about the dance, but I guess you can’t win ’em all.

Overall, I do like this release.  Even though I would say that the song isn’t one of their strongest like Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo, I also don’t think it’s their weakest single either – their indies stuff and Z Densetsu were weaker releases than this song for me.   Although we have yet to hear the B-side to this single, judging from the A-side and C-side it should be a great release!

And, just because they were so darn cute in this PV, how about some picspam!

Momoclo pretending to play guitars! A-rin is cute!

I like this angle, with all of them huddled over the camera.

Kanako answering phones! She also makes a pretty good kissy-face... Although I think it's just an over-enthusiastic lip-sync.

Out of all the girls, I think Shiori rocks the grey suit/tie on head thing. She looks super cute in this video!!


Momoka, on the other hand, is easily the cutest "dirty girl" for me. How can she make a dirty face look so darn cute?

Although, Reni also looked really cute in the dirty makeup. I found her cuter than usual in this PV on the whole.

This is actually Shiorin's first PV with her new short hair! I like the short cut on her, she has a very cute face to show off.

Ayaka, hamming it up!

I love Momoka's pout. Also, her braids are cute.

Kanako, eating edamame at the bar with some random salarymen. I thought this part of the video was weird, but I love the expression here.

Kanako, drunk on life! Or orange juice, you decide!

They don't show the dance a whole lot, but I don't mind because I preferred watching the girls interact with each other to the dance anyway.

Construction workers? Traffic controllers? I'm not quite sure.

This is pretty much the main "move" of the dance. Squat, then jump all the way up with your hands in the air. Not exactly the best dance move. I do love how Kanako always looks like she's putting her all into any move she does, though. The girls behind her look half-hearted in comparison.

Dirty Momoka again. She's so adorable.

And yeah, dirty Reni. Also pretty cute!

And here's one of Ayaka, too.

This 'dance move' confused me.. They sway all over the place like they are drunk, while holding bentou boxes? WTF.

Shiori looking cool and Reni looking cute while pretending to play their guitars.

Momoclo, hamming it up big time. I love their expressions.

Here are the pink megaphones I mentioned earlier. I think it ties in with the echo effect on the vocals.

Here's one of the other dance moves they do. Too reminicient of Pinky Jones, if you ask me. I also don't care for those pink jumpsuits.

Again, with the hand-raising move, this time on the subway!

Shiorin is so cute in this video, her and Momoka really steal the show for me.

... But Kanako does have her moments!

I enjoy A-rin's pouty face.

At the very end, they take off those bulky jackets! Much better, right?

This posing move at the end was easily the fiercest move of the dance. Love it.

If you haven’t watched the video yet, check it out, it’s fun!  As I’m sure you can tell, I really enjoyed this release, and I hope everyone else does too!



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