Momoiro Clover

PV and full song preview released for Roudou Sanka!

This is going to be briefer than I’d like it to be…  Unfortunately my area in New England was hit by a monstrous snow storm Saturday and word on the street is that we could be without power for a week.   I’m currently mooching internet and an outlet elsewhere, but don’t have access to my actual computer, so a more detailed post will have to come later.

Anyway, the PV, and thus also the full preview, of Momoiro Clover Z’s new single, Roudou Sanka, is now out on Youtube!  Check it out here!

I’m incredibly happy with it.  The PV clearly had a budget and was awesome, and despite being in grey suits, the girls manage to be seriously cute.   Momoclo’s PVs usually don’t disappoint me, and this one was no exception!

The song itself I am also very very pleased with.  It’s nothing like Bionic Cherry – where that song was crazy and frantic, this one is much calmer, but don’t let that worry you.  It’s cool and catchy, with some fun rap in there too.

I really love the vocals from Momoclo, somehow they really stand out as memorable and individual.  It’s weird, because you could listen to another girl group, like Tokyo Girls’ Style, and find the vocals to be technically better, but I’d still prefer the style and execution of Momoclo, because they each stand out from each other.

Once I get power back, I’d love to revisit this PV in more detail, because it’s really quite fun!  Until then!



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