Ebichuu is Breaking Out of the Indies and into Mainstream

Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku…  Try saying that 3 times fast.  They’re a young girl idol group, and have just released their first non-indies single, Motto Hashire’!!, recently.

I haven’t blogged about this group yet, but the time seems about right, as they have been creating a buzz in the wotasphere lately.  So who are they, and are they worth paying any attention?

Let’s start with an overview.  Ebichuu, as the group is abbrevieated, is a group of 10 young girls.  Well, there are 10 at the moment, apparently they have added many members since the group was started.  They are from the production company Stardust, who you might be familiar with from Momoiro Clover.  In fact, this group is often referred to as Momoclo’s “little sister” group.

I’m a huge Momoclo fan, so I must love them, right?

Erm, not quite.  That is, I do like some of their stuff and they have some good points.  But they also have a lot that I don’t care for that keeps me from becoming a big fan.  Whether or not I get more into them or like them less depends on where they go from here.

Here’s what I love:  The past couple songs they have done have been great.  Motto Hashire is their debut single, which is not bad, and Ebizori Diamond was good, but even better were the songs   The Tissue ~Tomaranai Seishun~  and Oh My Ghost?  ~Akuryou ni Natte Mo~ . The Tissue was super cute, catchy, wacky and fun.  Oh My Ghost was possibly even wackier, catchier, and more fun.  Also, the members are really cute kids.  Some of them will grow up to be quite beautiful.

What do I not like about them?  First off, one of the biggest obstacles in the path of me falling for them would be Aika,  “Aiai”, who thinks she’s just so goddamn cute.  You can hear her sing this line in Motto Hashire, or the “Dame da korya”  in Oh My Ghost, among others.  She inflects her voice and puts on the whole forced cutesy act that is so far from being cute that I just want to smack her silly.   Her insufferable attempt at being “cute” comes close to ruining the songs for me.  Cut the act, you’re not cute, you’re annoying and obnoxious and I hate you.

Then there’s their sound… it’s familiar.  The good songs they have had are even written by Maeyamada who does a lot of the writing for Momoclo.  So, a lot of the songs sound like they could be Momoclo songs, but they aren’t, and I can’t help but think Momoclo would have done a much better job with them.  The similar sound reminds me that every thing they do, Momoclo does better.  Their personalities are more engaging, their singing is better, their dancing is more out-there, and they stand out in the idol world.  Ebichuu feels like a knock-off in comparison.

I suppose this is awfully critical, especially when you consider that I actually really really LIKE the two aforementioned songs.  I think they’re great.  There are just things that I wish were better.  I guess I feel like they still need to carve out their own niche, instead of sounding like a junior Momoiro Clover.

I think I will like them more as they come into their own.  If I could get to know the members better, if there is improvement in their singing, and if they bury Aiai in a shallow grave give Aiai less prominence, that would make me more of a fan.  I’ll definitely be checking out future releases, because they have potential, I just don’t know which side of the fence I will be pushed to.  Time will tell, in the meantime I will still enjoy The Tissue and Oh My Ghost, despite their faults.



3 thoughts on “Ebichuu is Breaking Out of the Indies and into Mainstream

  1. Cool! I’m glad I found this on here! I saw Oh My Ghost the other day and thought it was really cool. You seem to know more about this stuff than I, maybe you could help me out.

    Who is the girl at the 3:10 mark who sings the line “Bukatsu no kaeri makkura hachiji sugi” line? I really like her voice! Thanks!

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