A Review of Kikkawa Yuu’s Hapirapi ~Sunrise~ Single

Wow, so this is finally out. It feels like it has been an eternity since it was announced, and then pushed back and all that. But, we have more Yuu at last!

Onto the review!

If you read my thoughts on the PV, you mostly know how I feel about the titular track, Hapirapi ~Sunrise~. Basically, it’s cute, but didn’t really satisfy me. I don’t dislike the song, it is nice and Yuu is super sweet, but it’s not quite good enough for A-side material in my opinion. Had this been a release from another artist that I didn’t follow so closely, I would have quickly pushed it aside and forgotten it.

Aside from its generic-ness, the song is pleasant and Yuu has a beautiful voice.

Like her first single, this one has a different B-side for each edition of the single. Limited A came with a remix of Hapirapi ~Sunrise~, and to be honest, I didn’t get this edition and haven’t listened to it.  I’m not a huge fan of remixes.  So, onto versions B-D!

Limited B came with the song LOVE YOU FOREVER.  This is a mid-paced song with a lot of piano.  The verses have a nice tune and are the most interesting part of the song. Something about the tune in the verses reminds me of an old Kara song called Two of Us, oddly enough. I feel like the refrain isn’t as great as the verses, but it’s still nice, especially towards the end of the song.  I liked this song better than the A-side.

Limited C came with the coupling song Mizuiro (Aqua). This song is more a traditional pop song, but has a bit of a rockish flair to it. I like it, but it took longer to stick with me than the other B-sides. It’s a nice track, but not super memorable for me yet. I expect it will grow on me, but I do think it’s the weakest in this set of B-sides, and about on par with the A-side.

Limited D was definitely my favorite of the bunch and the one I would most recommend to anyone considering a purchase. D was coupled with the B-side Sweetie, which I absolutely loved. Sweetie is a super energetic, rocking, fun song. Yuu’s vocals are awesome in this one, coy and cute in the verses and powerful, energetic and insistent in the refrain. The refrain is my favorite part of this one, it’s fast, catchy, and the engrish is fun.  Also, this song has been getting stuck in my head allllll the time.   I’d consider that a good thing, since the song rocks.

For the life of me I can’t figure out why this fabulous song is the B-side on the D-edition of the single. Sweetie is the Fuyuzora Hanabi of this single I guess… Way better material than what is being promoted.  I’m glad Yuu can get material like this, but I’m sad that casual listeners, who don’t care about B-sides on random single editions, might never hear what she’s capable of.

Overall, due to decent to strong B-sides, I would say this single shaped up to be pretty good despite the A-side being somewhat lacking. I’m still waiting for them to let Yuu truly shine with a song that will make everyone in the idol world really pay attention to her… But this is better than nothing at least. If I can get at least one song that’s as good as Sweetie per single, I’ll take it.


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