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Morning Musume 10th Generation Members Announced!

It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for!  The new members of Morning Musume’s 10th generation have been announced!  Did your favorites make it?

I am seriously pleased with the results of this one. Not 100% pleased, as there are 2 girls I wish had made it, that did not. But overall, I am super excited for the ones that did pass.  The new members are:

Kudou Haruka, Ishida Ayumi, Iikubo Haruna and Satou Masaki!

Of course, we know what that means – Murakami Sara, a favorite of mine and of many other fans, did not pass, nor did Tanaka Fuuka, Oogami Hinako, or Miwa Satsuki (thank you Tsunku).

I’m disappointed about Sara not passing, but optimistic at the same time. She could always have something else coming up. Let’s not forget that soloists like Matsuura Aya and Kikkawa Yuu were, once upon a time, not chosen in a Morning Musume audition. She was very strong vocally, but maybe too strong to be in Morning Musume. Maybe we will see her again, maybe in eggs, as a soloist, or with another agency. I also think Fuuka and Hinako, as well as already-dropped finalist Tashima Meru, would be great additions to the Eggs. It happened with the 9th gen rejects, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it happened again.

There were also no surprise additional eggs announced like last time either – so all of you who wouldn’t leave alone the idea of Miyamoto Karin being added, can drop it now. Or not. I still think she would be a great addition, but something tells me Tsunku must have something in store for her, because she’s got a strong fanbase and is extremely skilled (not to mention CUTE!). I won’t abandon the hope that she is utilized to her potential, but this audition wasn’t the one for her I guess.

Let’s get back to the girls that did make it.  We have 4 girls on  different levels, all with something unique to offer Morning Musume moving forward!

Kudou Haruka

We have superstar egg, Haruka, who is the youngest member to ever join Morning Musume!  And yet, she’s already partially polished and ready to shine!  She’d gonna be amazing in the group, her “husky” voice will add her flair to the songs, and her dancing is excellent already.  She seems quite mature for an 11 year old as well!

Ishida Ayumi

We have knockout beauty Ishida Ayumi, who is extremely skilled in dance, and could probably school half of the existing Morning Musume already!  She comes in with decent vocal ability that will only improve as she gets more training and experience.

Iikubo Haruna

We have the also gorgeous Iikubo Haruna, who came a long way during training and showed that she had the drive to be in this group.  She’s decent at dancing, and her singing, with practice, should shape up just fine.  She’s already better now than many were when they joined, including beloved Morning Musume members Niigaki Risa, Kamei Eri, Tsuji Nozomi and others.   I only see her going up from here, and her looks alone should net her quite the fanbase.

Satou Masaki

Last there is Satou Masaki, who initially didn’t impress me at all – I didn’t want her in at all at first.  However, she grew tremendously during the training and completely redeemed herself by coming out a stronger singer and dancer than she started.  Her ability to improve herself so much in such a short time makes me think she’s going to be a real gem once she gets more experience.  I think she was chosen for that reason.  One of the things Morning Musume is about is taking a normal girl and making her into a star, and I think based on what we saw that this was a good choice for the group.

I’m sure the wota world will be filled with people upset that their favorites didn’t make it in.  I am too, a little.  But mostly I’m excited for the results and happy overall.  4 out of my 5 favorites made it in!   And Morning Musume’s future seems a little brighter today!


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