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Konno Asami to release a single with fellow newscaster!

Talk about unexpected music comebacks!

Konno Asami, former 5th generation member of Morning Musume, moved on from the music industry earlier this year and became a newscaster.  A really cute and lovely newscaster.  But I guess the music industry just can’t leave her behind, because she is releasing a new single, called  純情☆ファイター  (Junjou*Fighter), with fellow newscaster Ueda Moeko.

You can check out the short version of the PV here!

For what it’s worth, Konno was one of my favorite Morning Musume girls ever.  She has been ragged on by fans and such for being horrible, which she was when she was chosen for 5th generation… But she got better, and honestly, I grew to really love her voice – she has such a sweet tone, I adore it!  I have missed hearing her in songs, so I was happy to hear this news.

The song itself is a little weird.  I kinda like it, but it’s way heavy on auto-tune.  Konno doesn’t really need it, but maybe it’s for the other girl, who doesn’t have a music background?  Or maybe it’s just a stylistic choice.  I’m not too fond of that part, or the incessant oraoraoraoraora at the beginning, but I like the rest of the song.

The PV is weird.  I couldn’t quite follow what was going on.  Seems to be for an anime?   I must say though, I haven’t seen a song this nutty with such calm singers, like, ever.  They barely move, it’s weird.  Would it kill them to put a little energy into their dancing?  I know they are news anchors and all, but to have a song like this matched with light swaying back and forth is weird.

Anyway, the song is pretty cute, and it has my Konkon…  So I’m happy.  <3

-Jess ♫


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