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Part 2 of the Morning Musume 10th Generation Audition Bootcamp!

The last (?) of the Morning Musume 10th generation audition boot camp footage has aired on Hello! Pro Time. You can check it out here!

As far as I know, this is the last piece of footage we get to scrutinize as fans. By this time, most of us have our favorites, it’s just a matter of who will get in. After this we get to play The Waiting Game. Boo!

8 Girls Remaining?! Where'd the other 2 go?

This week I was pleased to see more of the auditionees shown than just a couple. But, wait… Why did they only introduce 8? Weren’t there 10? Where is Meru?! And that other Ayumi who got no screen time! Looks like we’ve already had 2 casualties. Shame, too, because Meru was a favorite of mine, but such is life. Moving on…!

They get all (I)dolled up!

The first 5 minutes is just a recap of the girls still in the audition. After that, things get a little more exciting – it’s makeover time!

If they are trying to make her look younger, it isn't working.

Most of the girls look great after the makeovers.  Hinako, on the other hand, gets these kinda sad pigtails. I don’t think they suit her personally. She’s kind of odd looking to begin with and the hairstyle doesn’t really work with her features.

Sara is cute with her hair out of her face!

I was excited for Sara’s at first, but it didn’t end up being as different as I had hoped. Doesn’t her hair look nice pulled away from her face while she is getting it styled? I think they should go with something like that for her.

Is that even the same girl? I love the bangs.

Satou’s makeover is the most drastic, but also the best.  She instantly becomes 100% cuter with the bangs and the cut is flattering.  Not too long, not too short.  She’s much cuter than I had anticipated.

Haruna is really pretty during the dance segment.

Once the girls are all beautified, it’s time to show their dancing skills to the main man, Tsunku. The girls are nervous, but mostly do well. Miwa stands out as being bad, though. Sara doesn’t seem to put all of her energy into the dance, either, but isn’t bad. Ayumi aces it, of course.

After the dancing, we get to see each girl in the sound booth, singing Takahashi Ai’s Jishin Motte, Yume Motte, Tobitatsu Kara.

Satou is up first, and I prepare to cringe. You may remember, last time she was pretty darn bad – whiny, didn’t project, and forgot the lyrics. This time, though, she aces it! It’s like she has done a complete 180. Based on this huge improvement alone, I’m predicting she gets in, because she has made some serious strides in only a few days. I’ll even take back what I said about not wanting her in.

I'm a fan of J-Idols so I'm used to bad teeth, but...  Boy are these ugly.

Miwa is up next, and she’s terrible. She goes off key constantly, can’t hold notes, and may very well be a horse in diguise. Or without a disguise. It’s like Koharu part 2.


She has dropped in my ranking to the very bottom, and is actually the only girl that I very much do not want to get in. My luck says that she’s a shoo-in because of that, but I’m really hoping that is not the case.

After Miwa is Hinako, whose voice is surprisingly nice. It’s not perfect, but I can hear really nice potential in there, once she gets training. I don’t think she stands much of a chance to make it in though, because she’s not very visually appealing, but you never know. She is talented in singing and dancing, and I like her more after seeing this footage.

Fuuka was very expressive in the booth. I like her emotion.

Fuuka comes next, and I’m like, “who?”. This girl got barely any screen time, so I don’t know how her chances are. I like her more this time around though, her voice has a lower tone and I can see it becoming Niigaki-like with training. She has improved a lot from the last time, where she flopped big time, so that might work in her favor. For me, she’s not a favorite, but I won’t be too mad if she’s in.

She's still cute, but I haven't really seen personality yet, which concerns me.

Ayumi sings next, and she’s not very memorable this time, somehow. She’s still gorgeous, but I don’t feel like her singing has improved. She isn’t bad though, and I’d still like her in.

Haruka's got her bangs pulled back this time. She still looks cute.

After Ayumi comes Haruka, who is still amazing. I really really love this girl’s voice, her personality thus far, her looks, her dancing, everything. She’s the total package, even at 11 years old. I really hope she makes it because she’d be a stand out vocalist, her voice is not similar to anyone else in the group.

Sara sings next, and she seems very natural in the recording booth. Her vocals seem to be about the same level they began at, but she was at a high level to begin with. Her and Haruka are still my number 1s that I want in the group!

Last we have Haruna, whose vocals have definitely improved! They are not perfect, but they are better. Her projection still needs more work, but it’s better. I really like her, something about her is charming, and I’d still like her added.

Overall my rankings for the girls are:

Definitely want: Haruka, Sara
Also want: Haruna, Ayumi, Masaki
Okay, but not favorites: Fuuka, Hinako
Noooooo: Satsuki

And now I guess we just wait until the 29th for Tsunku to break our hearts… Eh, I can’t really be pessimistic with this group though. I like almost all the girls to some extent, so my biggest concern is that the generation will either be too big (all 8 get in) or too small (less than 3). I think 4 is probably ideal, but we shall see. I can’t wait!

Smug bastard already knows who's getting in...

-Jess ♫

3 thoughts on “Part 2 of the Morning Musume 10th Generation Audition Bootcamp!

  1. Wow you were very accurate lmao
    I Remember being Disappointed that Sara Didn’t make it, but now a full year and some later I’m glad she Didn’t, 10th gen turned out to be okay. But one thing I Didn’t like about this post and one I read Before this one. You add a ‘U’ after names that aren’t Pronounced or written that way. Satou is wrong, its Sato. Satou Masaki is a manga artist lol also Gotou is wrong, its Goto, it just peeves me. Lol and it might continue if i read your other posts cause this is from over a year ago, but just saying. Maybe you’ll consider changing the way you write names.

    • Thanks for the comment. I will clarify for you why I spell their names Gotou and Satou and why many others do the same. You are incorrect to say that it is wrong, it is actually a more correct way to transliterate their names.

      The reason the u is there is because when you spell those names out in the japanese alphabet (not kanji characters), they actually have a u. The u is actually just how they usually extend the vowel o (oo is different). This is why Satou sounds like Sato and also why that’s a common way to romanize the name. There are many instances of this being common, for instance Tokyo if written in the japanese alphabet is written “toukyou”, but most spell it Tokyo in english.

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