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PV for S/mileage’s Single Tachiagaaru Released!

The full PV for the new S/mileage single, Tachiagaaru, has been released.  You can check it out on their official Youtube channel here!  This single is the first since the sub-members were added, so I was quite anxious to see how it would be handled.  I was a little underwhelmed.

First off, I do like some aspects of how it was handled.  Since the new girls are only sub-members, they take a backseat to the original members of S/mileage.  I like that concept, but I feel like it was done to too much of an extreme here – The sub-members are just backup dancers, really.  The only lines they get are “fuwa fuwa!” and “Yeah!” and the like.  They dance in the background, and only get about one head shot apiece in the video.

Do you remember when Mano Erina had S/mileage as backup dancers in some of her videos, before they debuted?  It was kinda like that…

With the sub-members so not-featured, it’s really tough to get to know and like these girls.  Where they have this big campaign to become real members starting, I just feel like they should have gotten a chance to show what they were made of, at least a little bit.  Myself and many others didn’t like the whole sub-member concept or the fact that additional people would be added to S/mileage.  Having their first video make them essentially useless to the group does not help that.

The main three girls look absolutely fabulous, on the plus side.  Kanon is my personal favorite in Hello! Project for looks, she is just soooo darn cute.  Yuuka and Ayaka look great too though, and I love their outfits in this.  They’re really sharp!

As for the sub-members, they looked cute too, when you actually saw them.  Except for Rina’s eye, that thing is just not gonna go away (o_O).  Meimi and Akari in particular have some cute shots though. I do like the concept of them being in a lighter color with longer skirts, but I think the skirts were a bit too long, they’re past their knees and look like almost a foot longer than the original members’.

I did feel like the PV itself was pretty blah though.  It’s basically S/mileage dancing against a desert background, and something with UFOs.  I don’t know, they get sucked up by one in the end.  It’s kinda WTF, but not WTF enough to be entertaining, like The*Peace or something.  It’s more boring than anything.  Also, there are glowsticks?  Whatever.  The dance was pretty cute, but honestly, this might be their weakest PV yet, and that includes the indies stuff.

The song itself, I quite like.  It took a few times to grow on me, from the concert previews and radio previews and such.  Now that I can hear the full version in good quality, I can say I definitely like it.  It still has the S/mileage sound to it, and the refrain is really catchy.  I’d put it above Bijin Mama and Shortcut, but below Koi ni Booing and Uchouten Love, as far as rankings go.

I know UFA still has it in them to put out good PVs (Morning Musume’s were great), and S/mileage has been getting a huge publicity push, what with the auditions and campaigns and whatnot, so I’m really surprised that they didn’t put out a more dynamic, worthy PV for this song.  I really think they could have done better, both to show off the new members and get them some fans, and to make it actually fun to watch.  I’m definitely going to get the single when it is released, because I really like the song, but the PV is lacking something.

-Jess ♫

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