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More Morning Musume 10th Generation Audition Footage!

(9-17-11: Updated with pictures <3)

I’ve been waiting allllll week for this!  They have now aired footage from the training camp for the finalists for Morning Musume’s 10th generation audition!  And boy am I excited – I really like this group!

After watching the training camp video released so far(you can watch it on Youtube, here and here), I definitely have some favorites.  So far my initial impressions were pretty spot on with how I still feel about most of them.  That might be a good thing, because the training camp footage aired seemed to focus heavily on 5 or 6 of the auditionees, most of whom were my personal favorites.

The footage starts out with dancing training – Natsu-sensei is back with a vengance.  She scares the crap outta me.  Anyway, some of the girls had issues, and some were awesome.  Ishida Ayumi was fantastic at the dancing and stood out the most for me there.  Some of the girls needed work, including another I like, Tashima Meru.

Next up is singing.  We get to see Sara, Haruka, and Haruna one on one with the teacher.  Sara, I thought sounded great (she has a natural vibrato and her voice will be fabulous with some training), but she got yelled at, the teacher didn’t think she practiced enough.  Haruka forgot the lyrics a bit.  Haruna’s voice is weaker than both of theirs, and the teacher felt like she wasn’t putting enough feeling behind the words of the song.  They all cry, and presumably Tsunku bathes in their idol tears.

More dancing is shown after that, not everyone is perfect.  But it’s not too bad.

We get to hear some more singing next, starting with Haruka.  I love her voice, it’s a little different and very enjoyable.  I really would like to see her get in.  Ishida Ayumi sings next, and I think she sounds like she has improved!  She isn’t perfect, but she has potential.  Also, SUPER cute.  Please don’t let this one go, Tsunku, I like her. Haruna sings next and is ok, but screws it up.  I kinda like her anyway.  Masaki sings after her and is the worst of the solo singers, I don’t care for her, her voice is whiny.  Sara sings last and I still adore her voice.

My overall thoughts on this group are pretty good, but I think they should have made the group smaller.  They barely focus attention on some of the girls, which is a shame.

My least favorites, that I would prefer not get in, are Satsuki, Masaki, Hinako, and Fuuka.

The girls I think are pretty good, and I wouldn’t mind them in, but they aren’t my top picks, are Miyagi Ayumi (not enough screen time!), Haruna (beautiful, but vocals need work), and Meru (I don’t know why, but I really like her)

The ones I definitely want in, so badly, are Sara, Ishida Ayumi, and Haruka.  They were amazing.  Sara’s voice will be incredible with training, and she has a different kind of air to her, that could lend the group some freshness. Ayumi’s voice is pretty decent and will clean up nice, her dancing is amazing and she’s freakin’ gorgeous.  Haruka is cute as a button, with a great voice and tons of potential.  She just seems to be a future star.

Pic Spam of my favorites:

Ishida Ayumi - talented, and totally cute.

If this girl doesn't get in, she would get sweeped up by another agency in a flash. Don't lose this one to AKB, Hello!Project! Please....

I'm not too keen on her haircut, but she has potential. Also, a great voice.

Alas, even the good singers get yelled at. Poor Sara.

There's something cute about such a serious expression on Haruka

The requisite crying. Still manages to be cute!

Many have said her face reminds them of Kago Ai. I have to agree, except for those brows.

She didn't fare too well in the training but has a lot of potential. Also, would really benefit from some eyebrow shaping. But seriously, I really like this kid.

Haruna will shape up to be a real beauty if she gets in. Her voice isn't great, but could definitely shape up with training.

She's the oldest of them all at 16, but I think she'd still have a decently long idol shelf life.

I guess we have to wait until the 29th to find out the results.  That’s not gonna be easy.  What would be even harder is if my favorites get overlooked.  I think I’m getting attached already.  Here’s hoping!

-Jess ♫


2 thoughts on “More Morning Musume 10th Generation Audition Footage!

  1. We’re apparently supposed to get even more footage in next week’s HP!T episode. I’m guessing we might get more focus on the other girls there, or at the very least a clip of each singing instead of only a few.

    Either way, it’s exciting.

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