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Kosuga Fuyuka is (already) leaving S/mileage

S/mileage just can’t catch a break lately.

One of the new sub-members of S/mileage, Kosuga Fuyuka, is withdrawing from the group.  She has been diagnosed with severe anemia and will need several months’ recovery period.

Due to the nature of her illness she will no longer be a part of S/mileage, but Tsunku has extended her an offer of becoming a Hello! Project Egg if she gets better and can return to work in the entertainment industry.

Since Fuyuka has only been a member for 3 weeks, I hardly know her, so I can’t feel too emotional about it.  There’s some awful part of me that’s saying, that’s what they get for taking her over Miyazaki, or one of the other auditioners.  But really, I didn’t hate the girl and wish her a speedy recovery.

With her departure, S/mileage is down to 4 sub-members and 3 real members.  They’re dropping like flies!  I do hope that things look up for this group, because even though I don’t care for the changes it has undergone recently, I still want them to be good and successful.

On a more positive note, there is a short radio preview of S/mileage’s next single, Tachiagaaru, up on Youtube, and Fuyuka is still present in it, somewhere.  The song is fairly decent (although not Uchouten Love level) and the sound of the group has not changed.  Seems like the sub members are mostly just on the unison parts, although I think I can hear Akari sing like, half a line, anyway.

Since Fuyuka does appear in the new single despite her health issues, her fans can look forward to her only release with S/mileage.   Good luck to her on future endeavors, and I hope she gets better soon.

-Jess ♫

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