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PV for Kikkawa Yuu’s single, Hapirapi ~sunrise~ has been released!

Kikkawa Yuu’s second single is on its way, and the full PV is now out!  You can check it out on Daily Motion or on YouTube.

It has been a while since her first single as a soloist, Kikkake wa YOU.  I’ve been waiting not-so-patiently for her to release more all summer.  Was the anticipation worth it?

Well, I’m not going to say that it wasn’t, not until I hear the B-sides.  Afterall, on her debut single, every B-side was stronger than the actual A-side, and there wasn’t a bad track out of the 4!  However, I will say that I’m not completely satisfied with Hapirapi ~sunrise~, as an A-side.

This song is sweet and nice, but it’s very typical and predictable.  It’s not bad, but Yuu is capable of so much more.  She has an absolutely gorgeous voice and a big range, and can pull off something much more spectacular than this.  It’s cute, and that’s about it.

On a positive note, Yuu’s voice in this song does sound fabulous.  She really hits the notes nicely, especially from 3:12 – 3:30. Her tone is very pleasant throughout the song.

I feel like Hapirapi would be a great B-side, but it just isn’t strong enough for an A-side, especially where Yuu is still debuting as a solo artist.  She needs more dynamic material to draw people in and make new fans.  If I heard this on the radio and didn’t know it was her, I’d probably dismiss it.  Because I know it is her, and love her, I will get it, but if it wasn’t I would just pass this by…

But it's Yuu, so I can't pass it by...

The video, on the other hand, is actually pretty good.  It’s shot partly outside, and features Yuu frolicking happily throughout.   I suppose it’s not anything too unusual, but it is somehow entertaining.   Possibly because Yuu is really gorgeous here, and is a joy to watch.  She looks so cute dancing and enjoying the outside.

She spins, she dances, she walks by cars!

If I have one complaint about the PV, it’s that she lip-syncs with a bit too much flair, her mouth movements are very exaggerated, which is a little distracting…  But I’ll let her off for that, because she’s just so darn cute!


So overall, the song is a little blah, but…  Can you say no to this face?

I know I can't...

-Jess ♫


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