Fairies releases the PV for their debut single, More Kiss!

Fairies is a new avex group of young girls making their debut. They are very good dancers, especially for their age (not to mention the height of their heels), and their singing seems to be at a pretty high level as well.  They starting doing promo work over the past few months, and caught my eye with the preview for More Kiss.  Now that I can hear the full song and watch the PV, I’m definitely interested.

The first thing I noticed about this new group was that, despite the very young age of the members, their sound is fairly mature. Fairies themselves have said they look up to SPEED, which I can see, but the sound of More Kiss reminds me more of another girl group I liked, namely, SweetS.

It’s too early to say whether they will hit that level.  SweetS was absolutely amazing at their debut, and many people, including myself, are still sad at their decline and eventual withdrawal from music. Since they left, there hasn’t really been any group that is similar enough to fill the void (Tokyo Girls’ Style was promising, but most of their material simply hasn’t been that that great, and their cover of a SweetS song showed their inferiority). However, More Kiss has mature sound that really reminded me of SweetS’ old stuff.

More Kiss, as a song, caught me immediately when I heard it. It has an almost R&B sound to it, and if you didn’t see the girls, you might think they were older than they are. The song is very catchy, and definitely aims for more “cool” than “cute”. You can check out the full song and PV on Youtube here!

The video for More Kiss is less impressive than the song, it follows the fairly standard idol formula of mixing close ups with dance shots in 2 different outfits.  One is the baggy colored shirts over shorts and those killer black heels, the other is black tshirts and cutoff jean shorts.  I prefer the colored ones, at least until I know who is who.  Momoka is shown the most, and from what I see so far, she is the cutest one.

One thing that I and many others have noticed is that, in More Kiss, it’s pretty much just one girl, Momoka, singing, while the rest of them are just backup.  One problem with many girl groups with a lot of members is that in almost every single, certain front girls will get the majority of the lines and you may seldom or never hear the others. I’m not sure if Momoka will always be the center girl, but I kind of like the idea of a rotating lead member, if that’s what they will try doing. It would be nice to have one featured member per single to showcase.

I don’t know if they will end up doing that – their other song, Song For You, is more evenly split on lines, and the sound is a bit less mature and more pop sounding. I still like it a lot though, the vocals sound great. I love those high notes in the refrain. I like More Kiss a bit more, but it’s still very good, and worth listening to. You can see a live performance of it here – no PV yet.

This is definitely a group I am keeping my eye on, and I will most certainly be getting More Kiss and Song For You when they come out on 9/21/11.   I like this version, with the DVD, but there is also one with a photobook.  These girls show a lot of promise and I hope they live up to the hype that’s been created for them.

-Jess ♫


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