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Ogawa Saki is graduating from S/mileage, leaving Hello! Project!

Devastating news in the world of Hello! Project…

Ogawa Saki has, according to official sources, decided to leave S/mileage and all of Hello! Project, within 3 days.  Her last day is set to be 8-27-2011.

According to all sources, this is a decision she made on her own that she has supposedly thought about since May.  I’m not so sure I buy that…

Saki’s letter posted on S/mileage’s official website, can be found translated at Hello! SayuNii.

According to her letter, she felt that there was a gap between her real self and her S/mileage self.   The letter from Tsunku states that she asked to quit, wanting to be a normal teenager again.  I’m not sure if that’s true or not, though, because the time frame doesn’t seem to make sense.  She said this in May, they were completely silent, started the auditions, added sub members and then suddenly announce that she’s going in just 3 days?  It doesn’t seem to add up.

Saki’s behavior since the announcement of the auditions had been a bit odd.  She was very clearly irritated/upset during some of the appearances, especially during the announcement of the new members.  She looked really pissed off, actually.

Could her sudden departure be related to the addition of the new members?  Or is it really that they started the member additions BECAUSE she was going to be leaving, but kept that silent?

I can think of a dozen scenarios it could actually be…  Maybe when Tsunku took on the new members and said some members could be demoted, he was referring to her and wanted her out?  Maybe when the new members joined, she decided she hated it and wanted to leave then, and all the reasons in her letter are made up?  Maybe there was a scandal and she is quitting to avoid it breaking?

Here’s my take on it – I don’t know if I believe that she wanted to leave since May.  I don’t know if I believe that this is not related to the addition of the sub-members, it seems too coincidental for that.  However, if what is in her letter is true, and she felt unhappy in S/mileage, then this is probably the best thing for her.  If it’s not true, and she was forced out somehow, then that makes me very sad.  Saki is one of the funniest girls in Hello! Project and one of the most talented vocalists as well.  Whatever the true reason is, her leaving is a huge loss.

Saki is one of my favorites in Hello! Project and I’m very distressed at this news.  I doubt there will be any more insight as to why she is really leaving (unless an untimely scandal breaks, haha).  I’m gonna keep wondering about it, though, because the way this has gone down, with the short notice and all, is just weird.

-Jess ♫

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