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As Promised, Shiori of Momoiro Clover Cuts Her Hair!

Remember a few weeks ago, when Momoclo’s  album Battle and Romance was released, and Shiori said she would cut her hair off if they didn’t get number one?  If you don’t remember, here is a refresher.

このアルバムが1位にならなかったら私、髪を切ります – “If this album does not reach number 1, I will cut my hair,” said Shiori.

Of course Momoiro Clover Z did not get the number 1 spot, being unable to beat B’z (boo!), and our Shiorin has followed through with her promise and had her hair cut short!  So let’s see what it looks like!

It's a bob!

I love a good bob, I think she looks fantastic.  It also helps her to stand out from the rest of the group:

A group shot from a concert. Notice short-hair-shiorin on the right.

A Close-up

Hopefully it will also keep her from being put in pigtails all the time.   Shiori is one of, if not the, cutest in the group, so I think she deserves a style that’s a bit more flattering.

Hmm... Maybe not quite as cute as Momoka... But she is super cute!

This hair style has been popping up a lot lately – Ikuta Erina from Morning Musume recently got her hair cut into a very similar bob.  It’s a great cut, short hair flatters her face, but the style of this cut is still very feminine, so it’s short but not boy-ish.  It would also look nice pulled back from her face with a headband or something, so I think she still has some versatility with this cut.  I’m glad she went through with it!

-Jess ♫

Yay Shiorin!


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