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Rainie Yang Has Released a New Album 仰望 (Yang Wang)!

I finally got my hands on Rainie Yang’s newly released album, Yang Wang (Longing For), and I am so excited.

Every time Rainie releases a new album, I end up playing it practically non-stop.  I love her so much. I don’t know what it is about her music, her voice, just everything about her is amazing to me and I’m not even a big C-Pop fan.  But I like Rainie.  She’s the best, nobody else I’ve listened to comes close.  She’s magic.

Anyway, if you follow Rainie Yang, you know what to expect – beautiful vocals, a mixture of many pop music styles, from ballads to dance tunes to cute stuff, all wonderfully executed.

If you don’t follow Rainie, you should give her a try! I found her kind of by accident, I’m a big Jpop fan, and the group that Rainie used to be a part of, 4-In-Love, had done a cover of Morning Musume’s Ren’ai Revolution 21, in Mandarin. It as one of my favorite Momusu songs ever, so I listened to the cover, and was intrigued. At that point, many years ago, I had never actually heard anything in Mandarin. I thought it sounded different and cool, but never really pursued it further than that.

A while later, I read a recommendation for an album by a C-Pop artist, Rainie Yang, who used to be a member of the group 4-In-Love. I remembered the group by their cover I had heard and liked, and downloaded the album on a whim, to see if it was any good.

I haven’t looked back from there, I fell in love with the songs on the album and the beautiful voice singing them. Since then, I have become a bigger and bigger fan of Rainie’s music, she is one of my favorites of all time. I love almost everything she does.
Recommended listening:

From her 1st album, Ai Mei:
單眼皮 (Dan Yan Pi)
From her 2nd album, Yu Shang Ai:
甜心咒 (Tian Xin Zhou)
From her 3rd album, Ren Yi Men:
狼來了 (Lang Lai Le)
From her 4th album, Ban Shu Xuan Yan:
我的愛吊點滴 (Wo De Ai Diao Dian Di)
From her 5th album, Rainie & Love…?
絕對達令 (Jue Dui Da Ling)
From her compilation album, Yi Xiang Tian Kai:
黑色月亮 (Hei Se Yue Liang)

I chose songs in a few different styles, one from each album, to showcase her range of styles and overall career in music.

I’ll be listening to the new album, Yang Wang, and will probably post a review once it has had a few days to sink in. In the meantime, give her old stuff a try, it’s fantastic.

(UPDATE:  I did review the album, you can check it out here!)


P.S. I LOVE Rainie’s short haircut, she looks gorgeous, take a look!


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