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S/mileage’s Uchouten LOVE PV!

S/mileage’s PV for Uchouten LOVE has been released, and I like it.  You can watch it on Youtube!

I was really excited when they announced the song, since it was described as a eurobeat song, but when I heard the first previews I wasn’t overly impressed at first, because the refrain is awfully noisy, as many of S/mileage’s recent singles have been (Bijin Mama and Koi ni Booing come to mind).  I like the voices, but they seem backed by a lot of half-shouting, which I don’t care for.  I prefer their vocals to be cleaner (listen to how beautiful Yuuka sounds in High-King’s Kioku no Meiro for example).

Luckily, the full song works pretty well and keeps getting stuck in my head.

Overall the song is noisy, but the fun eurobeat craziness in the background works with that.  I still dislike the shouting and bg vocals on the love me love me love me love me do part.  And I can’t stand the phrase “love me do” and don’t know why they put it in so many otherwise good H!P songs (Massara Blue Jeans!)…

I do like the song though, it’s cute and fun and the PV is entertaining too.  Yuuka’s hair is recovering from Short Cut, Saki is friggin’ adorable balancing a pencil on her lip while lipsyncing, Kanon is the one I’m still drawn to the most, and Ayaka is tolerable and even cute.  Go figure.

Also, Saki looks amazing with the long ponytail, best she has ever looked in my opinion.

I’d say this is the strongest single they have released since Yume Miru 15.  I still like that one and Suki-chan better than this, but Uchouten LOVE is definitely one of their best ones for me.  At least if they change with the member additon coming soon, they went out with a good single.


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