Jpop / Momoiro Clover

D’ no Junjou is awesome.

So, it was a while ago that Momoclo announced their singles and albums and then released a PV preview for Z Densetsu.  As we got closer to the release date, we got a full PV for Z Densetsu and then finally a PV for the other single being released that day, D’ no Junjou!

Watch it on Youtube!

Prior to actually hearing the other single, I figured that it would be the lesser of the two singles, since Z Densetsu’sPV and preview came out first, and it was ridiculously over the top Momoclo material.  Surely the other single would be bland, boring, and less enticing, I thought.

Well, I was right in some aspects – D’ no Junjou was certainly more toned-down than Z Densetsu, but boring, bland, and not-enticing are quite the opposite of how I feel about it.

D’ no Junjou is more serious than most of the Momoiro Clover singles, but it’s amazing!  The song has a darker sound to it, and the music is full of strings, giving it a more mature sound.  It’s different for this group, but I love it.  Just don’t go into it expecting one of their wacky thousand-tunes-in-one type songs.

The vocals are what I’ve come to expect from Momoiro Clover, solid and the girls’ voices sound very nice.  I was also ecstatic that Ayaka didn’t overdo the cutesy vocal act like she typically does, because it wouldn’t have matched with this song at all.  Kanako and Momoka are the standouts for me, but I am very biased towards both of them, so take that as you will.  Their solo lines at the climax of the song were awesome.

The PV for this song was great, starting and ending with a silly drama.  They are lovable but I don’t think they are very good at acting.  Doesn’t matter anyway, it’s just for laughs.  The ninja theme and the end of the PV kinda reminded me of my favorite Buono! single, MY BOY.

I absolutely LOVE the costumes for this one.  These are my favorite costumes they have had so far.  I hope they never go back to the days of fruit-filled bikinis over sailor suits ever again (I don’t mind them being silly, but god were those ugly!).  The girls look fantastic and the splashes of their colors brighten things up without overdoing it and ruining the more mature look of them.  I also really like the gold detailing.

So, yeah, D’ no Junjou.  Weird title, likeable girls, awesome song, cool PV, and just the thing to help tide me over until the full album Battle and Romance is released on July 27th.  Highly recommended to any Momoclo fan, as well as any fan of girl group Jpop in general (Hello! Project fans, you should definitely check them out!).



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