Hello! Project / Jpop / S/mileage

S/mileage’s new single, Uchouten LOVE, to be released August 3rd!

With all my attention focused on the new member audition, I skimmed right by the fact that S/mileage’s 6th single title has been announced.

S/mileage’s staff’s twitter has announced that the new single will be called 有頂天LOVE (Uchouten LOVE – ‘Ecstacy LOVE’).  Furthermore, it says that the song will be in a cute, eurobeat style.

I’m definitely looking forward to hearing what this will sound like, since I love the eurobeat sound and I think the girls’ voices will sound interesting with it.  Something cute, catchy, and dancy is what I imagine, but we will have to wait and see.

I’ve enjoyed the variety of styles in their previous singles, but I have liked some more than others.  Some of them have come off sounding either too childish (Ganbaranakute) or just too noisy (Bijin Mama), so I hope this one has the right balance.  I ended up loving Koi ni Booing! after not being thrilled with the theme, so I’m optimistic about this one, especially since the genre already appeals to me.


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