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S/mileage new member audition?!

I get all excited and giddy when Morning Musume announces audtions.  But when I read twitter yesterday, and saw that S/mileage was having auditions for a new member…  I was not so happy.

If you watch the video where Tsunku announces the news to them (skip to around 3:28 for their initial reactions), they don’t seem so happy, either.  Maybe fake-happy, but how they really feel is pretty apparent.

Now, Tsunku had said in the beginning that the line up was subject to change, but after 2 years and all their hard work and success, I don’t think anyone was prepared for that to happen.

I think auditions are wonderful for Morning Musume.  That group thrives on fresh blood, and is built on rotating members.  But S/mileage is not the same animal.  Rather than excite me, the auditions are filling me with dread.

… They better not think of touching Kanon.  Or Yuuka.  Really, the only one I’d give the boot if given a chance is Ayaka, due to her sub-par vocals and being racist.  Even with that said, I’d rather the group not change at all.

I might be more open to the idea if the girls really wanted this to happen, but they all look like they’re about to burst into tears, even though they are live on stage.   They were quite clear about whether they wanted another member – “YADA YO~!”.

It’s entirely possible that a year down the road I will be in love with the new girl(s), but I’m finding the news hard to swallow right now.  I think I’ll go back to listening to Yume Miru 15 on repeat and pretend this didn’t happen.  D:


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