Jpop / Momoiro Clover

New Momoiro Clover singles and 1st album announced!

At last!!

I was really afraid, because it had been a while since the last single, Akari had graduated, and wtf with the stupid Z name addition (barf!), that Momoiro Clover (…Z) would fade away into non-existence.

But, my faith has been, at least temporarily, restored.  They have announced not one, but 2 singles, their first full album, and a concert DVD to be released this summer!

Coming up on July 6th is D’の純情 (D’ no Junjou – ‘D’s Pure Heart’) and Z伝説〜終わりなき革命〜 (Z Densetsu ~Owarinaki Kakumei – ‘Z Legend ~Neverending Revolution~’), two new singles in one day!

Still waiting on a preview of  D’, but here is a concert preview of Z Densetsu.  They certainly haven’t lost the wackiness that endears them to me so much…  The song isn’t a huge favorite just yet, but I’m certain it will grow on me with each listen until I love it so much I can’t stop listening to it (o hai, Hashire!, Pinky Jones and Mirai Bowl!).

The album, Battle Romance, is set to be released July 27.  The album is to have all the non-indies singles from Ikuze’! Kaitou Shoujo through D’ No Junjou, in addition to album exclusive tracks.  There will be limited a and b editions also – Limited A is just amazing, since it contains the solo songs of each member!  Yes, even Akari’s!

SUPER excited for this… But if Orange Note isn’t one of those other tracks on the album, I just may cry.

August will bring their Live DVD, which is also exciting!

I know I’ll still be missing Akari being in the group, but I’m quite relieved to see that Momoiro Clover is still Momoiro Clover (…Z), and is releasing new music.  They’re just way too entertaining to fade away!



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