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Buono! to release new single, “Natsu Dakara” in July

Check it out!  Buono! is releasing another post-anime single!

It’s so funny – I generally don’t care for Berryz Koubou or C-ute, only liking a handful of songs from each, but I absolutely love Buono!, which is made of 2 Berryz girls and 1 C-ute member.  I suppose it helps that they are the most talented my favorite members of their respective groups, but even ignoring that, their cute-punk sound is really fun.

I liked their last single, Zassou no Uta, and was glad they kept up the same pop rock sound in their releases since their terrible affiliated anime Shugo Chara ended.  I’m hoping that their next single, 夏ダカラ! (Natsu DAKARA!, ‘Because it’s Summer!’) keeps up the tradition.

Natsu Dakara is set to be released on July 20.  Can’t wait for a preview!


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